Hafiz e quran course

hafiz e quran course

Hafiz e Quran course is just one step ahead, and we offer a whole elaborated course for those interested in the memorizing of the Holy Quran.

Hafiz e quran course

Hafiz e Quran course is just one step ahead, and we offer a whole elaborated course for those interested in the memorizing of the Holy Quran.
We hark the seriousness and devotion with which this cause is to be dealt with and intend to facilitate the same in the best possible manner.

Teaching methods are multi-dimensional and thus have been developed according to the varied learning styles.
Using the different tried and proven memorization techniques, with the help of exercises of repetition some mnemonic help and others, it helps in getting fluency with the Holy Quran and its memorization.

We pay more attention to making the students comprehend the meaning and the context of the verses.
Our curriculum includes different periodic classes where students are made to understand the Tafseer and the relevance of Quranic verses that they are learning to forge a link that goes a level deeper.

Not only Hafiz e Quran course is memorization in our course only, but the course is an inculcation to the habit of loving the Quran for a lifetime.
We mentor our students and support them in their course from our side so that there remain no hiccups, and the stride stays motivated.

Features of Hafiz e Quran course

Diversified features are to be offered in the Hafiz e Quran course for a complete learning experience.

It will involve having a structured study program that will systematically take the students through the process of memorization.
The curriculum will be designed to guarantee steady progress in the journey while taking into account the assimilation of individual learning styles and abilities.

Qualified Instructors: With knowledge and experience in the same, it just means that it is going to be their professional leading, guiding, supporting, and mentoring students all the way through the memorization process.

Thus, it has the promotion of an interactive learning environment where the students obtain knowledge from discussions, recitations, and group activities.
In such a way, the approach turns out to be interactive, and the memorization is more substantive.

The program is exposed to varied and diverse forms of techniques in memorization, with strong effectiveness in this program, in that it gives more emphasis geared toward different students’ needs. These will include repetition, visualization, and auditory aids, among others.

In addition to simple memorization and reading of Qiraat, it must be added that much focus needs to be directed towards understanding and reflection on its verses.
Doing so would greatly add to the connection with the text by trying to find meanings, context, and application of the memorized verses.

Vast support communities: They provide the ground for tendering for sharing exhorting each other and motivating each other in such communities.
Such communities do play a great role in the provision of a conducive environment for students in the course of learning operations.

Tracking progress: The given help enables each to track the progress well based on the resources and tools at the disposal of every student as the help is being received.

Flexibility: We understand that every student has a different schedule and level of commitment.
We developed course design with great attention to our students’ needs.
The designed Hafiz e Quran course is, generally in a nutshell, to impart fluency in reciting the Quran by heart with complete insight and reverence towards its meanings.

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What you will learn in the Hafiz e Quran course?

During the course of the Hafiz e Quran course, the students are going to taste and relish the blessing of transformation through the learning of Quranic memorization and spiritual development.

The following is a record of what the learner is going to learn:

  • Techniques of Memorization: The light of the learner’s style of learning will be tapped in the teaching of tailor-made, tried, and tested techniques of memorizing.
    Others will be learned, such as repetition, visualization, and recitation, which will help him handily to lead the student through the process of memorization.
  • Tajweed of the Quran: Much emphasis has been laid during our course on pronunciation according to the rules in Quranic verses by Tajweed.
    This is to enable the student, in his turn, to practice the enunciation of each letter and the pronunciation of each sound by turns so that it ensures the proper recitation of the Quran.
  • Contextual Understanding: As opposed to just noting the maximum number of words used in the Quran, this research will stress the actual meaning and context of the verses that have been memorized in the very beginning.
    In this class, textual references will be given by using linguistic and thematic contexts.
  • Spiritual Connectivity: This Hafiz e Quran course will generate a close spiritual relationship with the Quran.
    It will, through complete reflection, contemplation, and application of Quranic teachings, bring into play the interaction of this holy scripture and thoroughly integrate a learner’s spiritual path.
    Memorization of the Holy Quran demands commitment and dedication, at the same time, maintaining constant practice.
    Preparations for memorizing the Holy Quran call for commitment, dedication, and consistency.
    We help students come up with workable plans on time utilization to ensure a balance between memorizing their portions and responsibilities.
  • Community engagement: The learners are put into a community of practice built within which the learners can learn.
    Learners can learn from discussion forums and live interactions where they will be able to learn at a time as their friends would share their experiences, give advice, and even motivate others.
  • Personal Willingness: This Hafiz e Quran course is not only just the Hifz of lines, but it might also be a facilitation for personal transformation.
    With the development in memorization, the student would develop qualities dependent on discipline, healthy exercise of patience, modesty, concentration, and perseverance.
  • Lifelong Learning: The curriculum does not merely intend that learners stay put concerning the Quran in the said period and thereafter; rather, a passion for it is instilled, plunging students into the many-sided wisdom that Quranic text brings—the timeless long after the class is over.
  • What our course really serves is the full package: the ways and methods of memorizing Quranic verses, including personal, intellectual, and spiritual character development, which is an absolute must when you come into such powerful engagement with Quranic teachings.

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