I want to learn Quran

i want to learn quran

If you say I want to learn Quran and connect with the Quran, the Holy Book of Islam? Maybe you’ve always wanted to but never knew where to begin. Look no further! We provide a full range of courses in the Quran that will walk anybody through our courses, whichever background or current level of knowledge they belong to.

I want to learn Quran

We understand your desire to learn the Holy Quran and if you say I want to learn Quran Our Academy offers Quran classes for all ages and backgrounds in numerous countries worldwide.

  • The United Kingdom (UK)
  • The United States of America (USA)
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Kuwait
  • Qatar
  • The United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  • Saudi Arabia

Our humble objective is to help you with classes that will enable you to have substantial control over the Quran, right from knowing just the basics of Tajweed—Quran recitation rules—to delving deeper into what lies within the lines.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an absolute beginner or want to improve upon something you already know; we have a suitable Quran class for you.

I want to learn Quran with Tajweed

if you say I want to learn Quran with Tajweed. Learning the entire Quran with Tajweed is a beautiful way to enhance one’s understanding and appreciation of the Holy Book. Our classes do precisely that.

This is what you can learn from our Quran with Tajweed classes:

  • Solid Foundation in Tajweed: You will learn the very basics of Tajweed through persistent steps from expert Holy Quran teachers. To beautify the recitation of the Holy Quran, you have been taught to correctly pronounce and articulate all the let­ters and then in imitation of real reading.
  • Gradual Progression: We provide a structured curriculum in which each step of progression happens with ease. This will ensure that one understands every concept related to Tajweed before reaching the next level.
  • Focus on Application: Our classes do not just focus on mere theory. Ample practice in reciting verses from the Holy Quran by applying the rules of Tajweed will be included. This practical application helps solidify your learning process and increases your confidence while reciting the Quran.
  • Quran Memorization: Some of our classes offer facilities for Quran memorization other than Tajweed. This makes you not only able to recite beautifully but also get the sacred text by heart.

We understand that everyone learns at their own pace. It is for this reason that we have set up Tajweed Quran classes for every student, from a beginner who has no background knowledge of Arabic to those who intend to improve their present recitation skills.

learn arabic to read quran
Learn Arabic to read Quran | Best Arabic & Quran course

I want to learn Quran but I’m a beginner

We encourage any who wish to seek knowledge of the Quran to get started, and our beginner classes are just the right place to take that first step.

Our beginner Quran classes are, therefore, the very starting point and occupy a special place for students who do not know Arabic or how to read the Holy Quran. Here’s what you can see:

  • Mastering the Arabic Alphabet: Learn to recognize the letters of the Arabic alphabet, know their sounds, and ways of connecting to form words.
  • Basic Pronunciation: You will learn accurately how to pronounce every letter of the Arabic Language and how they combine to join and form Quranic sounds.
  • Introduction to Tajweed: We shall ease our way into the fundamental rules of Tajweed, highlighting the correct principles of pronunciation and the methods for reciting beginners. You will become comfortable reading directly from the Quran, applying proper techniques, and understanding various markings that help in guiding recitation.
  • Confidence Building: Our teachers will provide a non-intimidating atmosphere to enhance your learning at the pace you need, with the comfort of knowing that all questions are welcome.

We use accessible, interesting material, like “Noorani Qaida” and other Quranic primers for beginners, to help them learn effectively.

You will become fluent in the recitation of Quran verses. Advanced levels of learning the Quran will be within your plethora of capabilities to handle competently.

If you have questions about any of our beginner classes, let us answer them and help them on your path forward!

I want to learn Quran with a female tutor

We realize that some female students are more comfortable learning the Holy Quran with a female teacher. We are happy to tell you that we have expert women tutors teaching Quran classes who are highly qualified and up to date in teaching expertise while guiding students.

Some of the benefits associated with learning the Holy Quran from a female tutor include:

  • Comfortable Learning Environment: The female tutor will assist in creating a far more comfortable and relaxed situation for those students who become anxious learning with members of the opposite gender.
  • Cultural Nuances: If you say I want to learn Quran with a female tutor, female tutors more easily appreciate the cultural sensitivities surrounding a female student and can engage in frank discussions, keeping focused on explicit goals to be achieved in learning.

One of the vital role models that students will learn from these accomplished female Quran scholars is, in itself, both inspirational and motivational for young girls too.

Of all, the following are characteristics of our expert women tutors:

  • Strong Islamic Knowledge: They have a thorough understanding of the Quran, Islamic principles, and proper teaching methods.
  • Excellent Communication Skills: In a capacity to communicate ideas clearly from the Holy Quran.
  • Patient and Supportive: They know very well the type of problems beginners face, so they will take you through every minute problem patiently and be supportive.
  • Tajweed Expertise: They are expert in the rules of Tajweed and can help you to beautify and enhance the accuracy of your Quran recitation. We can match you up with a female tutor in the Quran whom you find suitable and whose teaching style would be most compatible with your learning habits.

We will provide you with the Quranic female teacher who will assist you in scoring your objectives.


  • I want to learn Quran, but I’m a complete beginner. Do you offer classes for me?

Absolutely. We have beginner-friendly courses designed for those with no prior Arabic or Quranic knowledge.

  • I want to learn Quran with Tajweed (proper recitation rules). What can you offer?

We provide Quran classes with expert teachers who will guide you through Tajweed principles, helping you recite beautifully and accurately.

  • Is there a specific time commitment required to learn the Quran?

We understand busy schedules, so we offer courses with flexible schedules and can help you find a pace that works for you.

  • I’d prefer a female Quran teacher. Is that available?

Yes, we have qualified female Quran tutors who can create a comfortable learning environment and provide expert guidance.

  • What materials will I need if I want to learn Quran?

We provide the most necessary materials, like beginner Quran primers or online resources. You also need the Quran itself.

  • How long will it take if I want to learn Quran?

The timeframe depends on your pace and goals. We can help you set realistic expectations based on your desired level of fluency and memorization.

  • I’m not Muslim, but I want to learn Quran. Is that okay?

Absolutely! We welcome anyone curious about the Quran and Islamic teachings. Our courses can provide valuable knowledge and understanding for people of all faiths and backgrounds.


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