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arabic and quran classes

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu: May the peace and mercy of Allah be with you.

Ever wish that you could establish a deeper connection with the Quran? Do you want to be able to know the meanings of these beautiful verses, revealed by Allah himself, in their original, pure form—that is, the language which Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) used to speak?

Join us in the blessed learning walk for Arabic and Quran Classes. Upon learning, you are open to the treasure of knowledge interwoven in Islamic teachings.

About Arabic and Quran Classes

We offer a range of available Arabic and Quran Classes that help us meet the learning needs of different age groups and level categories, suitable for complete beginners looking to improve fluency to those who are interested in more profound Quranic studies.

  • Global Touch: We’ve got your back, irrespective of location. We conduct classes for students across the UK, the USA, Australia, and Canada, not forgetting the Middle Eastern students in Kuwait, Qatar, Emirates, and Saudi Arabia.
  • Flexible Learning: We understand that everybody’s agenda is hectic. That is why we offer such flexible learning, for example, through online courses and possibly in-person classes, depending on your location.
  • Expert Instructors: Native Arabic speakers and Quran experts, our instructors deliver with the best of both enthusiasm and quality. They will be there to guide you through every step, making sure you reach your learning objectives.

We love helping people get in touch with the language and the Quran. Contact us if you are interested in knowing more about your queries!

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What’s Taught in the Arabic and Quran Classes?

Here are some details about what you will be learning in your program within the Arabic and Quran Classes:

Classes in Arabic

  • Introductory course: learn the letters of the Arabic alphabet, some basic pronunciation, essential greetings, and simple conversational sentences.
  • Intermediate Level: Build upon those basics so that grammar structures can be created, vocabulary developed, and basic conversation can occur on everyday topics.
  • High-Advanced: Develop fluency, enhance studies on more complex grammatical structures, and examine writing styles in formal and informal Arabic.

Understand the Quran

  • Noorani Qa’idah: This is the base for the recitation of the Quran. It deals with the identification of the Arabic alphabet and its pronunciation, including the laying of basic Tajweed rules (rules for the recitation of the Quran.
  • Quran with Tajweed: Master the art of beautiful and accurate recitation of the Quran by learning advanced rules of Tajweed that focus on points of articulation, proper lengthening, and shortening sounds.
  • Hifz (Qur’an Memorization): Learn Qur’an memorization and recitation with proper Tajweed. Frequently, in this program, you will be required to learn segments of information throughout the course and to repeat this information regularly.
  • Quran Tafseer: It is the process of interpreting how the Quran came into existence, its background history, and various interpretations regarding the meaning of the verses.

Some classes can center around Islamic studies with Arabic and the Quran, introducing basic concepts and practices of Islam.

We can structure Arabic and Quran Classes depending on your requirements, whether conversational Arabic, Quranic recitation, or exegesis.

Of course, this is just an overview. If you have any questions about an area of interest not mentioned here, please ask!

Arabic and Quran Classes by Male & Female Tutors

We are aware that some students prefer male or female tutors for their Arabic and Quran Classes. We, therefore, support:

  • Choice and Flexibility: There is a pool of well-qualified male and female instructors from which you can indicate a preference at class registration.
  • Expert Instructors: Our tutors are highly experienced and qualified, regardless of gender. The medium of instruction is always in Arabic, and they have an excellent grasp of the structures of the Holy Qur’an. They have a real zeal for teaching and are committed to making friendly classroom environments that will be beneficial to you in achieving your goals in a manner that is convenient and modestly dignified.
  • Accessible Communication: We encourage accessible communication throughout your learning period. If at any point you want to be switched to a tutor of the opposite Gender, kindly feel free to let us know, and we will facilitate your wishes to the best of our abilities.

Here are a few more things you might want to consider:

Some students favor having a trainer from the same Gender. We understand these preferences and try to offer options that benefit your cultural comfort level.

Advantages of Arabic and Quran Classes

Look at these various benefits you can gain from taking up classes in Arabic and Quran Classes:

  • Better Understanding of Islam: In this manner, one learns the teaching of Islam in the language in which the Quran was revealed initially. This way, it becomes beneficial to one’s faith and understanding of Islamic concepts.
  • A closer connection to God: The regular recitation of the Quran, and pondering its meaning, can give you a better connection to Allah in evoking peace and spiritual growth.
  • Reliance upon an Obligatory Act: Muslim students will learn the rudiments of Arabic to understand what is written in the Quran.
  • Improved Arabic Skills: Develop Arabic solid language skills, from reading and writing to conversation. This opens many doors for understanding Arabic culture, literature, and media.
  • Brain-Stimulating Benefits: A learned language like Arabic exerts a positive effect on memorization and cognitive strategies, as well as critical thinking.
  • Global Opportunities: Arabic is spoken widely across the Middle East and North Africa. Arabic language opens up channels of opportunity for travel, business activities, and cultural exchanges.
  • Stronger Muslim Community: Connect with fellow students and faculty to have a more robust support network both in faith and study.
  • Learning the Quran with Tajweed: provides the ability to pronounce words correctly, improves articulation, and leads one to develop a deep awareness of the beauty in the recitation of the Quran.

Quran Tafseer (Interpretation) Arabic and Quran Classes define and instill in you the tactics of analytical observation that can make understand complex religious texts.

It has to be kept in mind that these are just a few among the many benefits of taking Arabic and Quran Classes at our Academy, and the specific benefits will be dependent on your individual goals and motivations for learning.


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