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arabic and quran teacher

We offer Arabic and Quran teachers of any age and any level, with several locations in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and all over the Middle East. A teacher is just right for every student, be it a child who wishes to know the rudiments, a teenager with a special request for proximity to the Koran, or even an older person who wishes to perfect the Arabic language and expand their horizons in the understanding of the Quran.

The teachers are all committed to helping you get a fully customized learning experience according to your needs and goals.

About our Arabic and Quran teacher

We understand that you might be interested in our Arabic and Quran teacher services and that we have available the finest instructors for students in countries such as the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, and also across the Middle East, including Kuwait, Qatar, Emirates, and Saudi Arabia.

Whether you are a beginner who wants to learn the Arabic language or would like to deepen your knowledge of the Quran, our teachers can adapt their lessons to your particular needs and aims.

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What will you study with the Arabic and Quran teacher?

You can start the learning journey with our teachers, where you will be exposed to the language and the Holy Book in Arabic and Quran courses:

  • The Arabic Language: It builds a solid base for the students in reading, writing, listening, and speaking Arabic.
  • Master the Arabic alphabet and its pronunciation, including correct tajweed rules.
  • Vocabulary and Grammar Skills: Learn to understand and speak in everyday Arabic situations.
  • Quran: Recitation of the Qur’an, having correct pronunciations and beautiful recitation. Understand what the Quran is saying by learning Tafseer. Memorize Surah’s verses on your own will.
  • Study of knowledge in Islam and concepts of the Quran.
  • You can have learning modules designed the way you want by our Arabic and Quran teachers. Do you intend to learn Arabic for business or travel, or do you consider memorizing the Quran the most important to enhance yourself? We can build a program that suits your needs by our academy.

A male and female Arabic and Quran teacher

Among other tutors we offer, we also have Arabic and Quran teachers who teach both gentlemen and ladies based on their requirements so that everybody gets knowledge with ease.

Male Educators
Our male instructors are very professional and can teach you well in Arabic and Quranic studies. Being well-versed not only in the Islamic principles of education, can give you a total learning process.

Women Teachers:
Our female teaching staff is responsible, highly professional educators who can adjust their way of teaching to your learning capabilities and styles. They are very enthusiastic about teaching Arabic and the Quran and can make a supportive and encouraging ambiance for your learning process.

Ideal Teacher:
We shall, therefore be mindful of your personal preference, learning style, and what you want to achieve in our allocation of Arabic and Quran teachers. If you would rather have a teacher of the same gender with you, we will be most delighted to arrange for that. But the most important thing is someone whom you can connect with and who shall properly guide you in your learning.

Teacher’s Credentials:
The teacher possesses the qualifications and experience to teach Arabic or the Qur’an at a level for which you are seeking instruction.

Teaching Method:
Question the teaching methodology and if it suits your learning style.

Communication and availability:
Choose the teacher with whom you feel comfortable and who is available enough for you.

We would strongly advise you to hold trial sessions with the potential teacher to look after the delivery and compatibility before making any long-term arrangements.

If you are searching for a male or female Arabic and Quran teacher, ensure that among our faculty you will find a professional who will dedicate his or her knowledge to help you succeed.

Arabic and Quran teacher or for Kids, Adults & All levels

This is so that anybody at any age or stage can take either of our Arabic and Quran teacher courses to ensure that everyone gets a chance to learn.

Age Groups:

  • Kids: We have very good teachers who make learning Arabic and the Quran fun and full of interest for the kids. With fun-filled activities and games, children can build a strong base in the language and develop confidence in reciting the Quran.
  • Teenagers: We know your special needs and interests. Such a syllabus designed by the hands of our teachers would be able to challenge and, at the same time relate the same to the Qur’an for growing up teenagers with Arabic Language skills that can be brought into use in the real world.
  • For All Ages: Our teachers can adapt to the student’s pace and level, be it from scratch or further up in their learning. So if you are looking forward to developing your conversational Arabic, learning how to make the right Quran interpretations really, or you want to memorize some more texts by heart (Hifz), you are very welcome.


  • For beginners: We will start from the very beginning, teaching you the Arabic alphabet, pronunciation, and basic grammar. Gradually build your vocabulary, from which you can read, write, and speak simple Arabic phrases. For the Quran, you will be taught proper recitation with Tajweed rules.
  • Intermediate: At the end of the program, you will be able to improve your Arabic language skills with a more developed vocabulary. You will be able to speak about various aspects of everyday topics and understand the principles of grammar and syntax in the Quran even better.
  • Professional level: For someone of more substantial linguistic ability, some aspects associated with literature, history, and even Islamic studies can be gone into much further. Quran classes can also be provided for specializations in advanced tajweed techniques, memorization (Hifz), or in-depth tafseer (Quranic interpretation).
  • Personalized Learning: Our teachers are adept at personalizing the learning experience for each and every student. They will appraise your current skills and develop the course around your goals: for example, conversational fluency, Quran recitation, or a blend of the two.

Ready to Begin We have a dedicated Arabic and Quran teacher ready to give you knowledge, no matter what your age or how much you know about the topic. To evaluate your goals and get you the perfect tutor to achieve them, kindly contact us.

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