Become a Quran Teacher: Master 4 Essential Skills

become a quran teacher

There is no specific way how to become a Quran teacher since the Quran holiness itself is the guide and source of the teachings. Education however in the light of the Quran means to pass on knowledge and attachment to it. It directs people towards the paths of success in this world and the Hereafter in view of the fact that it is a direct message from Allah. Quran teachers are role models They practice what they teach from the Quran in their daily lives.

The academic concept at Riwaq Al Quran is unique where we address each child as an individual focusing on behavior modification as well as creating a love for the Quran through learning and kindness. As educationists, we desire to see every Muslim student feel like he or she has a place to be in dealing with the holy Quran. 

Why Should Muslims Learn and know become a Quran teacher?

Now that we understand the idea of teaching the Quran, and how to approach it let us now understand why all Muslims should learn and teach the Quran. There are several advantages in Islam of teaching the Quran. First of all, it is considered to be among the most significant types of worship. According to the tradition of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the ‚Äė‚Äôbest among you are those who learn the Quran and teach it. ‚ÄĚ 

¬†The second advantage of the claim is that the teaching of the Quran is among the deeds that are continuous even after the death of the specific Muslim. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) says: ‚ÄúThere is no person that dies and all his virtues come to an end except three; continuous charity, beneficial knowledge, and a righteous son who supplicates for his father. ‚ÄĚ [Sunan An-Nasa‚Äôi].¬†

 Besides, the Quran can be preserved through the teaching profession since it plays one of the major roles in reciting the holy scripture. To illustrate, there are two ways of preservation: by heart and written work Even though we are all now friends and colleagues and we share the classroom, this idea of learning by heart and written work still remains valid. As for their preservation, Allah the Almighty has given the Muslims the means to memorize this book so as to have at any given time a mean number of scholars who memorized it from the time of the Prophet (PBUH) till now. 

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How to Become a Quran Teacher?

Of course, one should also mention that to become a Quran teacher is also a great virtue, and means that one should be good, know MUCH, and love the Quran. Here are the steps to embark on this rewarding journey and learn how to become a good Quran teacher: Below are the subtopics that will guide one in this fulfilling journey and give one a clue on how to become a Quran Teacher: 

 1. Develop Your Own Quranic Knowledge to become a Quran Teacher

 The initial precondition of becoming a Quran teacher is, therefore, one’s understanding as well as the command over the Quran. Consequently, the first important action should be to study the Quran with someone knowledgeable or by presupposing data available on the Internet. The passive focus should be as low as possible Although as much as possible on Tajweed, Tafsir, and memorizing verses from the Quran if possible.  

 2. Enhance Your Recitation Skills to become a Quran Teacher to become a Quran Teacher

 The advice that is given is to recite the Quran as often as possible more so to progress on tajweed and the way the Quran is being recited. Ask other people especially those with reciters or Quran teachers if they could explain to you how to recite the Quran in the right manner. Hence, the possibilities to practice reading the Quran can be with the help of local Quran recitation groups, forums, and social networks.  

 3. Formal Education in Islamic Studies

 virtues that should be embraced by the Muslims and in effect Islamic studies are an essential part of the curriculum. 

 Although it is not mandatory to have a formal education in Islam, it is very useful when seeking to become a Quran teacher as well as enhancing the level of trust from the clients. Maybe, to do so it is better to enroll in any acknowledged Islamic university or Islamic theology school, which provides a degree in Islamic sciences or in Quran and Hadith. 

 4. Specialized Training in Quranic Education 

 There are also courses for teachers of the Quran in many institutions and organizations where different teaching methods, classes, and lesson planning are developed to sharpen the skills of the teachers. It remains possible to conduct a search for available workshops or seminars for future teachers of the Quran or online classes. 

 5. Gain Teaching Experience to become a Quran Teacher

 Assist by volunteering either as a teacher at some of the mosques at Islamic schools or even at other centers within the community. You could enroll yourself in teaching the Quran to kids in your society or even adults individually or in a group. The other experiences are teaching Quran to the family members or friends and teaching the Quran to complete strangers.  

 6. Seek Certification or Accreditation

 Nevertheless, to be more persuasive, it is not required, but recommended that as a Quran teacher, you attempt to get certification or accreditation from a recognized Islamic institution. Big organizational systems may have some tests they might wish to be accomplished by their Quran teachers or their competency tests in teaching the Quran Some of these offer certification. 

 7. Continued Learning and Professional Development

 Education in the Quran is vast and will never cease to be exhaustive so it is advisable to keep yourself set updated on the knowledge that as a Quran teacher you impart. Should attempt to expand the existing knowledge about the existing trends, research, and developments in the field of Quranic schooling by reading, attending seminars, and discussing with other teachers. 

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Skills you need to gain to become a Quran teacher

A Quran or Islamic studies teacher basically has the following qualities, which would enable him/her to teach the Quran to the students. Here are some key skills: Here are the list of key skills:  

 1. Knowledge of the Quran

 Besides, to become a Quran Teacher one will need to have knowledge regarding the text of the Quran; the historical context of the Quran, and knowledge of the script in which the Quran has been written. Therefore, for the enhancement of curriculum offerings to students and the best preparations for students to be promising scholars in the field of Islamic scholarship, preferably a scholar should learn more than one branch of Islamic jurisprudence.  

 2. Recitation Proficiency

¬†An understanding of Tajweed’s rules is not simply about being correct; it is about comprehending as well as enjoying. Besides, it is noteworthy that the AOL model of Oral Culture is appropriate for explaining how a proficient teacher recites the Quran without any mistakes; the manner in which the teacher recites the Quran would create love and veneration for the Quran in students.¬†¬†

 3. Patience and Empathy: 

 Therefore, a Quran teacher is not only the person who as a teacher teaches everything to the student but also controls him and guides him in achieving some objectives. Patience is important in helping students go through their learning activities and relating to the situations of the students assists the teacher on how to approach each of them in terms of their tutoring on the Quran.  

 4. Effective Communication: 

 Precisely, it is imperative to be clear while speaking about the Quranic concepts in order to be understood by students of various ages and knowledge. This involves the skills in the selection of language and teaching methods that will enhance understanding of the information by different abilities of learners. 


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