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Welcome to Learn Arabic and Quran courses, which are designed to make your education comprehensive and enriched for students of all ages. Be you a child who wants to know the wonders of Arabic and the Quran, or an adult in search of more knowledge about the teachings of Islam, we offer custom curricula and expert instruction to guide you toward your learning goals.

Our Learn Arabic and Quran course materials are designed to meet a student’s or adult’s learning needs in order to ensure an interactive, interesting, and personally guided learning process.

Learn Arabic and Quran course subjects run from grammar and pronunciation in Arabic to the specifics of Tajweed rules and the Quranic studies necessary to master language competence and fluency for the recitation of the Quran.

Welcome to our academy for heart enlightenment, and learning Arabic and the Quran.

About Learn Arabic and Quran

We provide full-fledged courses in learning Arabic and the Quran, specifically designed for students residing in the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Kuwait, Qatar, Emirates, and Saudi Arabia.

Learn Arabic and Quran courses are designed for learners of any age and are conducted by professional, male and female teachers from the University of Al-Azhar, ensuring high-quality education. These are courses designed for beginners as well as for those with fluency in Arabic and the Qur’an.

Our Learn Arabic and Quran courseware design will cover you from the very basics of language learning to the advanced levels of Qur’anic studies, pronunciation (Tajweed), and memorization (Hifz) and to the understanding of the meanings of the verses. It will provide a holistic experience of learning, trying to bring theoretical understanding of the subject and practical application alive through interactive sessions, feedback, and monitoring of student progress.

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What can you achieve by learning Arabic and the Quran?

In our Learn Arabic and Quran courses, you will graduate with a full understanding of the basics of the Arabic language and Quranic studies. Look at what awaits you in terms of learning:

Arabic Language Competency:

  • The Alphabet and Pronunciation Learn to read and write Arabic letters, proper pronunciation, and some basic phonetics.
  • Vocabulary Building: Establish a good foundation for Arabic vocabulary related to daily life, Islamic terms, and Quranic vocabulary.
  • Grammar and Syntax: Get familiar with the rules of Arabic grammar, sentence structure, verb declension, noun-adjective agreement, and much more.
  • Reading and Writing: Improve your reading fluency in the Arabic script, and practice to enhance your writing.

Quranic Studies:

  • Tajweed: Obtain the rules of Tajweed to be able to recite the Qur’an properly, and learn the rulings of pronunciation, elongation, and stops.
  • Memorization (Hifz): Acquire effective memorization skills, through which you will be able to learn Quranic verses with accuracy and complete comprehension.
  • Meanings and Tafsir: Learn verses of the Qur’an, their contexts, and the basic tafsir for the message inside the Qur’an.
  • Application: Apply the knowledge of the Quran in your everyday prayers, recitations, and spiritual exercises.

Basic Islamic Principles:

  • Basic Islamic Principles: Understand basic beliefs, practices, ethics, and values in Islam.
  • Hadith Studies: An inquiry into some selected Hadiths regarding life and moral values.
  • Islamic History: Key events, key personalities, and main developments in the history and civilization of Islam.

Interactive Learning Experience:

  • Live classes, discussion boards, and Q&A with elite instructors from AL-AZHAR University.
  • Personalized Feedback: Get specific feedback about your performance and suggestions on how to improve your skills.
  • Assessments and Certificates: Regular assessments to monitor the learning, with certificates available at the end.

Our Learn Arabic and Quran courses are designed to equip you with in-depth Arabic language Grammar, Quranic principles, and Islamic teachings to foster spiritual growth, cultural appreciation, and linguistic proficiency.

Learn Arabic and Quran | Grammar and Tajweed Rules

You’ll learn: Grammar Essentials

  1. Recitation Tajweed (Rules of Quranic).
  2. Alphabet and Pronunciation: Learn to identify the Arabic alphabet and master the correct pronunciation of sounds and words to be understood clearly.
  3. Vocabulary Building: Learn key vocabulary for your daily conversation, understanding the Quran, and comprehension of Islamic terminology.
  4. Grammar Fundamentals Learn noun-adjective agreement, verb conjugation, sentence structure, and basic grammar rules.
  5. Writing Skills: Attain fluency in writing Arabic script through exercises and guided writing.
  6. Correct Pronunciation: So that you learn how Arabic letters and sounds are properly pronounced to correctly recite the Quran.
  7. Tajweed Rules, elongation (Madd), stops (Waqf), and proper articulation.
  8. Rhythm and Melody: Know the rhythmical patterns of Quranic verses.
  9. Memorization: Learn the best memorization techniques used in the better Hifz and retention of the Quran.
  10. Live Classes: Partake in live interactive classes with our experienced instructors to receive real-time guidance and support.
  11. Practice sessions: Participate in practice sessions to concretely understand the grammar concepts and Tajweed rules.
  12. Feedback and Assessment: Obtain customized feedback based on your performance, and evaluations will be issued as you monitor your learning.
  13. Certificates: You receive certificates at the end, confirming your expertise in Arabic grammar and Tajweed rules.

The Learn Arabic and Quran course, with its proficiency in grammar and mastery in Tajweed, offers a combo package to learners aspiring for excellence in linguistics and Quranic fluency.

Teaching Arabic and Quran to kids and adults

Age-appropriate Materials: These are materials developed in such a way that children and adults will find them interesting, guided by their diverse and varied ways of learning as well as their preferences.

Structured Lessons: They go step by step, from the basic Arabic alphabet and pronunciation through grammar, vocabulary, and finally Qur’anic studies.

For kids

  • Fun, interactive activities for learning; from letters to words, from words to phrases, and from phrases to sentences.
  • Storytelling, and games, make the information more enjoyable and are easy to remember.
    General conversational skills and everyday vocabulary are used in very practical ways.

For Adults

  • Study of Arabic grammar: syntax, conjugation of verbs, sentence structure, and even more.
  • Vocabulary-building activities that target relevant themes and contexts.
  • Writing and reading comprehension practice to enhance language skills.
  • Quranic Studies
  • Introduction to Quranic verses through simple explanations and stories.
  • Basic Tajweed rules with pronunciation exercises for clear recitation.
  • Strategies for Memorization Designed with Young Learners.
  • A study that goes deep into the Qur’anic verses, meanings, and context.
  • Advanced rules of Tajweed and its phonetic rules, prolongation, and stops.
  • Memorization techniques of the Qur’an and advice on how to memorize it.
  • Interactive Learning Environment: Interactive multimedia lessons with exercises, games, and other engaging resources.
  • Well-Experienced Tutors: Professional teachers who have experience in teaching Arabic and Quranic studies to both children and adults.
  • Progress Monitoring: Periodic assessment of the learning progress and tracking improvement areas.
  • Flexible learning options: The school schedules are flexible for children and grownups, especially for individuals leading very busy lives.
  • Our Arabic and Quran Learning Programs for Children and Adults provide a caring environment that will enhance the proficiency of the language, understanding of the Quran, and spiritual growth.

We welcome you to our academy for heart enlightenment, By Learning Arabic and the Quran.

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