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learn holy quran online

Get ready to enrich your spirituality and depth of understanding of the Holy Quran through our Learn Holy Quran online course right here without leaving your home. It will be proper to state that the wonders of the Quran can now be let loose like never before, this is because it has never been easier to access. Thanks to our thoroughly elaborated online course, you can have the chance to become disciples of the Quran in the comfort of your homes. 

learn holy Quran online Benefits 

In the current world of working people, it is tough to find time to study the Holy Quran in a traditional way which can be easily solved by the training programmes offered online. The nature of online Quran courses gives the student a chance to study from anywhere in the world and at any time of their choice. This characteristic can be regarded as a breakthrough for many individuals with a highly engaged life schedule, removing the geographical location and time limits for Quranic study. Furthermore, learn holy Quran online course includes specific teaching and various types of feedback from experienced tutors; thus, the students will get a thorough understanding of the Quran. 

 Flexibility is another advantage in the online format of studying as it is always possible to find a quiet place and avoid distractions during the class. In addition, religious education available through the Internet is accompanied by commodious multimedia aids and tools that help to make the utilization of the Quran appealing and amusing. These qualities would enable the streamed lectures’ replaying, utilization of extra educational materials, and students’ engagement in online conferencing to strengthen the bond with teachings and bolster one’s learning. 

 Moreover, another advantage to learn holy quran online is the ability to significantly cut the costs compared to conventional learning, in a physical building. Due to the absence of commuting or moving from one place to another in order to attend classes, students who take online courses end up saving a lot of time and money while they receive quality education and training. Obviously, this availability makes Quranic study more attainable to people in different stations and income statuses in life, and thus, everyone turns to the Holy Quran for wisdom and direction in their lives. 

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Choosing the Right Tutor to learn holy Quran online

There are a number of factors that should be put into consideration when one is choosing an online Quran tutor for the programs to be effective and fulfilling. This is probably one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to tutors and the knowledge they possess in the Quran. The best tutors should be ones who are very knowledgeable in the course content especially in the Quran to interpret it well. Moreover, it is vital to consider the tutor’s training and teaching strategy to deliver all the information clearly and set up the necessary learning-teaching process for everyday practice for every one who wants to learn holy quran online. 

 Last but not least is the question of the tutor’s availability and his/her willingness to adjust to a certain schedule. From the tutors who are available at your preferred time and who can comfortably give you lessons within the time that you desire then that should be the tutor whom you are going to hire so that you can have a routine that will lead to consistent study. Therefore, the major concern arises when dealing with an online Quran tutor and general communication commitments should be made and understood including the learning objectives, feedback, and communication channels. 

 Further, it is crucial to examine how the online Quran tutor teaches and what teaching material he uses. Choose tutors that make use of real-life tutorials, the use of technology, input, and output methodologies that help in evaluating your progress. It therefore means that, by choosing a tutor of your choice in terms of personality and learning approaches, you stand a better to enhance your learning and understanding of the holy Quran. 

The Importance of Tajweed in course to learn holy Quran online

To provide some background, Tajweed is the set of rules concerning the precise and proper way of chanting the Quran. Tajweed is critical in the recitation of the Quran to every Muslim who intends to recite the holy Quran correctly and properly. Tajweed helps in the right articulation to make the conclusion as well as the feeling intended by the author behind the Quranic verses to be passed on to the readers by a reader with more precision and honor. 

 It will be seen that mastering Tajweed does not only enhance the manner in which the holy Quran is read, but it also enhances the relationship a person has with the text. Astonishingly, by following the rules of Tajweed, a reader has to go through the rhythm of Quran reading and the beautification of the Quran’s rendition giving deeper experiences of spirituality as well the divine communication between the reader and the god. This is the reason why Tajweed is not just a science, rather it is worship since Islam emphasizes the proper and correct way of reading the divine Quran. 

 Also, it is important to note that Tajweed is not learned once and done but rather is something that takes time as one practice and takes courses on Tajweed. Online Quran courses that are specialized in Tajweed enable the students to learn these rules and their implementation in the actual course environment. When the whole process of recitation is linked with the interactive lessons, practice exercises, and feedback from the qualified tutors, students are encouraged to develop the skills of reciting the Holy Quran flawlessly and they come to have a deep understanding of the importance of Tajweed as the scientific method of the Quran recitation on their journey to learn holy Quran online.

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 Quran Memorization Techniques for Online Learners

  1. Set Clear Goals and a Consistent Schedule: Set Clear Goals and a Consistent Schedule: Specify the goal in the form of what you want to, and by when; for example, to memorize a particular surah, a juz, or the Quran in its entirety. The exact schedule depends on one’s lifestyle, therefore for it to be effective it should be created to fit the day or the week’s timetable. Doubling the time spent by learners on English is also possible if it is consistent but even 15 minutes a day will do the job. By incorporating some of the online tools like Google Calendar for memorization or installation of applications that facilitate the process of memorizing the holy Quran one can be able to set a reminder of the extent of memorization or the parts that one is struggling to memorize. 
  1.  Break Down the Task into Smaller Chunks: Break Down the Task into Smaller Chunks: Thus it is advisable not to attempt to cram up sections at one time. Before reciting all the Surahs in a single sitting or some selected Surahs, begin with small ones or only a few verses. In this way if there are longer surahs then divide them into convenient parts; one may take page numbers or the themes in the particular surah as the division basis. This tremendously reduces the pressure and makes the task much easier to accomplish, thus avoiding being overwhelmed by it and ensuring gradual progress. 
  1.  Understand the Meaning and Context: Understand the Meaning and Context:  When reading the verses, the best thing to do is to read, and comprehend the verses before memorizing them. Make use of resources such as the Quran that are available on the virtual platforms. com, Tafsir Ibn Kathir, or other reliable sources. This helps particularly in memorization and also aids in developing a relationship with the Quran as you read its message. 
  1.  Repetition and Review: Repetition is essential if one is to be sure to have firmly entrenched the facts in his/her memory. Say the verses that you are memorizing several times a day. Using the computer’s speakers, listen to Iqamah and Qiraah recitations by prestigious Qaris in terms of pronunciation and tune. We can revise the previously memorized sections from time to time in order to freshen up the knowledge in our minds. 
  1.  Utilize Online Resources and Tools: Utilize Online Resources and Tools: The use of technology to learn holy Quran online brings a lot of resources to the side of the learners who are learning online. Find Quran memorization classes or groups, that are online, so that you are also surrounded by people who can help you. Consider the applications similar to Quran Companion or Tarteel because of their spaced repetition, tracking system, and Tajweed help. 

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