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Welcome to a life-transforming journey into the language of the Quran. In our academy, we are committed to helping you to learn Quranic Arabic through our Learn Quranic Arabic course. We have a course suitable for your needs, whether you are a total beginner or an advanced learner.

Our academy is structured in a way where there is an immersive experience combined with traditional teaching methods and modern tools and resources.
In our Learn Quranic Arabic course, you will learn all of the essentials from grammar to vocabulary, Tajweed (recitation rules), and even the understanding of the Quran under experienced tutors.

We create an environment full of support and engagement, in which you can grow your skills through collaboration, progress to mastery of Quranic Arabic, and ultimately exceed your potential.

Come be a part of this enlightening journey; Explore the language of the Quran to come to relate with it in a better way.

That will help enable you to not only relate to the divine text but also to recite, understand, and thus be able to engage with its timeless message directly.

About Learn Quranic Arabic

We are proud to offer Learn Quranic Arabic in the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Kuwait, Qatar, the Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. Our course is developed to help students deepen their acquaintance with the Quran by learning the Arabic language, the language in which the Quran is revealed.
We believe strongly that understanding Quranic Arabic is a key step to understanding the teachings and the message that the Quran holds.

We have designed our course to befit the level of any student, either beginner or advanced. We have a systematic approach to learning Qur’anic Arabic: grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, leading toward the application of skills in the understanding of verses.

All this is supplemented with competent instructors experienced in ensuring the student gets personalized attention and guidance during his/her learning process.

This is integrated with all forms of flexible modes of learning, such as online classes, in-person sessions, and self-paced study materials.
Our target is to facilitate and make it easy for students to learn Quranic Arabic, without the constraint of location or time.
We also include resources such as exercises, audio recordings, and interactive tools to make learning easier.

Our Quranic Arabic classes not only help the students with linguistic ability but also go far beyond in connecting them in a closer relationship with the Quran and its teachings. We are dedicated to helping our students achieve success in their quest for understanding and mastering Quranic Arabic.

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What will you learn in the Learn Quranic Arabic course?

Begin your transformational journey into the rich and profound language of the Quran when you join our Learn Quranic Arabic course. Here is what you should learn:

  • Foundations of Arabic: You will begin from scratch with the Arabic alphabet, rules of pronunciation, and basic concepts in grammar. This provides a strong foundation for understanding Quranic texts.
  • Building Vocabulary: We will focus on building an adequate vocabulary from the Quran, using the most common words and phrases across the Quran. You will become well-informed about the meanings and the usage of keywords to better comprehend their meanings.
  • Grammar Mastery: We make sure our course contains all the grammar unique to the grammar of the Quranic Arabic language, including verb conjugations, sentence structures, and syntaxes. You also learn sentence analysis and how to come to a proper understanding of sentences in the Quran.
  • Tajweed and Recitation: We underscore the importance of proper recitation (Tajweed) according to the rules of the Quran.
    You shall practice the correct pronunciation, intonation, and rhythm that enable you to recite the Quran beautifully and correctly.
  • Understanding Qur’anic Texts: One is trained on how to understand, interpret, and appreciate the kind of language utilized in the Qur’anic passages in a guided manner through the lessons and exercises.
  • Application in Prayer and Worship: This course is built to practically embed lessons in Quranic Arabic to be used on a day-to-day basis in Salah and Duas. You will build confidence in the recitation of Quranic verses in worship.
  • Interactive Learning: We make the learning environment very interesting by using numerous interactive tools, audio-visual resources, and instructor-led live sessions. Our methodology increases retention and comprehension.
  • Self-Paced Learning: Curricula flexibility allows you to learn at a convenient pace. Whether you prefer structured lessons or learning through self-guided study, we provide resources to support your learning style.

How to learn the Quranic Arabic course at our academy?

Learning Quranic Arabic in our academy should be a rewarding and beneficial experience. Here is how to enroll in our course:

  • Admission: Simply apply via our website or contact one of our Admissions Team for the Learn Quranic Arabic course. We have rolling admissions to fit your schedule and preferences.
  • Assessment: You will be assessed for your level of proficiency in Arabic upon registration. Such an assessment would point you to the level of course most appropriate for you be it complete beginners or those with prior knowledge.
  • Course Structure: The Learn Quranic Arabic course is structured in a modular approach or levels of learning the different aspects of Quranic Arabic. You will move systematically through these modules, step by step, increasing your competence and knowledge in the process.
  • Interactive Classes: Attend interactive classes with our experienced faculty. These classes could take place either in person at our academy or online, as per your convenience and location.
  • Curriculum: Preview the course curriculum, comprising topics on Arabic grammar, vocabulary, Tajweed (the correct way to recite the Quran), comprehension exercises, and application in Qur’an studies and worship.
  • Practice and Application: practice by means of course materials, practice exercises, and suggested resources. Apply learning through reading and reciting the Qur’anic passages, making their meaning analysis, and practicing the Tajweed rules.
  • Human Touch: Receive personalized feedback and guidance from the instructors themselves, working to enhance your Arabic skills. Our academy makes sure that there is continuous support, answering your questions and solving any difficulty that you may face in this journey of learning.
  • Progress Tracking: Monitor how you are doing through constant evaluations, quizzes, and assessments. Track your improvement over time in Arabic proficiency, Quranic comprehension, and recitation competencies.
  • Community and Networking: Engage with your peers in group discussions, study circles, and collaborative learning activities.
  • Certificate: A certificate of completion can be awarded by our academy based on completion of course requirements and level of achievement or proficiency in Quranic Arabic.

Our mission is to make your learning experience at our academy comprehensive, engaging, and fulfilling enough to make you confident and fluent in Quranic Arabic.

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