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Our Learn Tajweed Course is designed in a way that young or adult learners equally master the deep art of Quranic recitation at the Learn Quran Academy.
Our course goes into detail for each of these, providing a complete journey into the depth of accurate pronunciation, rhythm, and intonation as prescribed by Islamic tradition.

Learn Tajweed Course

The course Tajweed that we offer at the Learn Quran Academy is a very comprehensive course that aims at enabling students to perfect their way of reciting the Quran with the right pronunciation and tune.

Our Tajweed course includes:

Under the expert instruction of experienced Quranic teachers from AL- AZHAR specializing in Tajweed, ensuring exact and perfect instruction.

  • Interactive learning: We ensure active learning through live sessions, providing one-on-one feedback to students, and practice sessions that would help them enhance the learning process.
  • Personalized Approach: We do understand that every student comes with his or her needs in learning, and so we always need to personalize the Tajweed course in regard to individual strong scope and points needing improvement so that fruitful learning can be made.
  • Accessible Resources: We make available the rules in Tajweed, exercises for practice based on learning, audio recitations of the Holy Qur’an, and a whole lot more to be of help on this journey to mastering Tajweed.
  • Tracking Progress: We do monitor close progress in our students through continuous assessment and feedback to enable us to improve on them and tackle challenges as they come by.
  • Flexible Schedule 24/7: Our course is tailored with consideration for a very tight schedule, as we offer flexible timing options, and one can take the course from any place provided there is an internet connection.
  • 24/7 Availability: our courses will be available 24/7 to help the son students with their queries and assist them through the learning journey of Tajweed.

In this Tajweed course, the learner is taught rules that are necessary in order to inculcate a deep understanding of the Quranic rules of recitation. The students should be able to develop a beautiful and correct style of recitation reflective of the veneration for the Quran.

What you will learn in the learn Tajweed course?

In our learn Tajweed course at Learn Quran Academy, what we include is comprehensive knowledge with practical skills for the students.
Here’s what you learn:

  • Tajweed rules: The basic rules of Tajweed our lessons are based on include the right way of pronunciation of Arabic alphabets, pronouncing Arabic alphabets (Makharij), rules of lengthening (Madd).
  • Quranic Recitation: We guide students in the way to recite the Holy Quran in the correct and tuneful manners. The correct way of recitation of the Quran lies in accurate pronunciation, intonation, and rhythm.
  • Tajweed Symbols: We let students know the important tajweed symbols (huroof al-tajweed), including vowel marks (harakat) and elongation marks (maddah), along with other signs used in the Holy Qur’an to represent right rules of recitation.
  • Practical application: Students will be helped to apply the Tajweed rules in their recitation by use of practical, interactive sessions, and practice exercises that will ensure effective realization.
  • Techniques of Memorization: We offer guidance on memorization (Hifz) techniques, along with Tajweed, to enable students to keep the verses with accuracy and clarity.

The instructors provide individual feedback and correction of errors in Tajweed to the learners for further improvement in recitation skills.

Beyond the technicality, it is here that we underline the spiritual reach of Tajweed as a result of bringing the reciter to a greater connection with the Quran and its meanings through recitation.

The students, at the completion of this course, become capable of Tajweed principles with such a strong foundation, get an abundance of confidence in the recitation of the Quran, and start having a profound appreciation for the beauty and sanctity held within it.

hifz ul quran
hifz ul quran

The importance of learn Tajweed course

The learn Tajweed course by Learn Quran Academy is significant for Quranic recitation due to the following reasons:

  • Accurate Recitation: We emphasize proper pronunciation of Arabic letters and application of Tajweed rules, ensuring every student recites the Quran accurately as revealed from Allah, the Almighty.
  • Preservation of Quranic Text: Besides, Tajweed contributes to the preservation of the Quranic text, ensuring that the text is immune to impairment or experiencing any disfiguration in its phonetic and semantic elements.
  • Improved understanding: Tajweed improves students’ understanding of the Quranic verses by enabling them to grab all the fine details of pronunciation that would deepen one’s understanding of the message being said in the Quran.
  • Respect for Holy Scriptures: The culture of Tajweed enlightens a sense of respect toward the Quran, being the Word of Allah, and therefore urges the students to recite with all humbleness and honesty of the heart.
  • Effective Communication: Proper Tajweed ensures the proper recital of the Quranic verses when an individual is reciting verses on a personal basis, when teaching, or while reciting at religious gatherings.
  • Cultural Heritage: Tajweed forms part of the deep-rooted cultural and linguistic heritage of Islam, which, when learned and understood, will help in not only its preservation but also transferring the same to posterity.

Our Tajweed course is important altogether in that it helps you get a much closer relationship with the Quran, grow spiritually, and keep alive the very holy tradition of the best and pious recitation of the Quran.

learn Tajweed course for children and adults

The course Learn Tajweed is provided with the Learn Quran Academy, and it has been made available separately for children and adults, as both have a different approach to learning.

For Children:

  • Engaging Curriculum: Our learn Tajweed course for kids features a curriculum built with interactive and user-oriented content, meaning there is never a dull moment for your child to learn from.
  • Basic Foundation: Our course strongly focuses on building a strong foundational understanding of Tajweed rules, beginning from basic pronunciation and advancing to more intermediate one after another.
  • Visual aids: The use of visual aids, together with illustrations and games, simplifies the way in which children comprehend the rules of Tajweed, so that learning can be maintained.
  • Friendly Environment: The instructor ensures a friendly and cool environment for the kids, which plays an important part so that the child could be at ease in relation to Quranic recitation and the application of Tajweed rules.
  • Parental Involvement: We very highly recommend parental involvement in this whole learning process and give guidelines on what they can support their children with in their Tajweed journey.

For Adults

  • Complete Curriculum: Our learn Tajweed course for adults takes on board a complete Tajweed rules and principles curriculum for adults at each and every proficiency level.
  • Focused Learning: We focus on sharpness of adults’ Quranic recjson skills, identification of specific areas requiring improvement, and achievement of flujson and correctness in Tajweed.
  • Flexible Learning: Our course learn tajweed is flexible on the option of scheduling, hence will provide adults with a leeway in which they will be balancing the learning perfectly with other responsibilities and commitments.
  • Personalized Feedback: We offer personalized feedback to adult learners on how to grasp the rules of learn Tajweed effectively.

These findings are used to improve the learning process, emphasizing practical application by encouraging adults to apply Tajweed principles in their daily recitations for improving the art of recitation continuously.

Whether designed for kids or adults, our Learn Tajweed course helps the learners inculcate the knowledge of Tajweed rules for effective Quranic recitation and, at the same time, builds an affinity for the Holy Quran.

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