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Welcome to our Learn Tajweed online. These guides will direct you through a learning journey of learning and mastering the Quran. Proper recitation (Tajweed) and memorization (Hifz) are two indispensable steps in the holy journey of understanding and embodying the teachings of the Quran.

Our courses reach all types of students in different countries, ranging from novices to advanced learners. These include the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Kuwait, Qatar, the Emirates, and Saudi Arabia.

In our online Learn Tajweed courses, you are going to become closer to the fine art of Tajweed: from the basic rules of Arabic pronunciation to those more advanced.

Top-notch tutors, mostly scholars from great institutions like Al-Azhar University, will walk you through the niceties of Tajweed to ensure that your Quranic recitation is correct and that your recitation has the beauty and depth it deserves.

If we add to that the study of Tajweed, then our Hifz Quran courses also take the correct approach to memorizing the Quran. From the proper techniques to facilitate effective memorization to regular revision strategies, we give you all the tools necessary to assist in the remembrance of Quranic verses and Surahs competently and effectively.

An ongoing consciousness of the principles of Tajweed is cultivated in the Hifz Quran classes, involving the focus on proper pronunciation and rhythm to be used while reciting memorized text.

Our institute works with a personalized teaching and learning approach. Our courses are guided according to your needs and your own speed of learning, and so you will be provided with all guidance and necessary support at each stage of your Quranic journey.

Our courses are designed for you to acquire the knowledge, skills, and spiritual nourishment that you can gain from the study of the Qur’an to perfection in your Tajweed, start on a journey of Qur’anic memorization, or both.

About Learn Tajweed online

We offer full online Learn Tajweed classes for students in the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Kuwait, Qatar, Emirates, and Saudi Arabia.

Our courses are tailored to the needs of all levels of learners, from beginners to advanced. With the assistance of our well-trained and seasoned tutors, many of whom are alumni of Al-Azhar University, we direct each student to have a clear understanding of the Tajweed rules and enable him or her to recite the Holy Quran with full command and perfection.

In sha Allah, that will be our purpose, to make learning Tajweed accessible and effective, so that a student with improved confidence can learn to become able to improve his Quran reading.

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What you’ll learn in Learn Tajweed online?

In our Learn Tajweed online courses you will learn:

  • Basic Principles: Identify the basic principles of Tajweed, including the correct way to pronounce Arabic letters, the qualities of the letters, and the rules of lengthening and shortening.
  • Points of Articulation: Master the exact points of articulation for every Arabic letter and enhance precision in Quranic reading.
  • Tajweed rules: Learn all the basic rules of Tajweed: Noon and Meem Mushaddad, Noon and Meem Saakin, Qalqalah, Ikhfaa, Idghaam, and Iqlaab. This will help ensure you pronounce words correctly.
  • Makharij al-Huroof: Find the right pronunciation of the letters from its point of articulation, for fluency and correctness in Quran recitation.
  • Advanced Tajweed: Advanced topics such as Ghunnah, Madd, and Tajweed of certain Surahs and verses inculcating your skills into a professional mode of recitation.
  • Application: Practice Tajweed rules through recitation exercises, applying learned principles to actual Quranic verses and passages.
  • Support for Quranic Memorization: Guiding in the correct way of Tajweed, which is part of the memorization of Quranic verses, helps keep what is memorized and recall the memorized part correctly.
  • Personalized feedback: Get detailed and personalized feedback from our professional instructors who keep you in constant improvement in Tajweed.

Therefore, our Learn Tajweed online classes offer a full and comprehensive, structured, and systematic course in mastering the art of Quranic recitation with the correct Tajweed for the students to be able to read the Holy Book fluently and correctly.

Learn Tajweed Online for all levels

Our Learn Tajweed online courses are designed for all students, from beginner to advanced. Whether you are just starting your journey in learning Tajweed or want to develop and refine your existing skills, these courses come with tailored instruction to meet your very needs.
Here’s how we cater to different levels:

  • For beginners: we start with very basic Tajweed, focusing on such foundational precepts as the proper pronunciation of Arabic letters, basic rules of Tajweed, and common mistakes to avoid. We explain with simple words and through interactive teaching to give a general understanding from the very beginning.
  • As intermediate learners of Tajweed: The students delve deeply into the rules for advanced topics such as rules for elongation and shortening, characteristics of letters, and rules for stopping and starting. We provide practice exercises and feedback on those rules for solidification of learning and improving fluency.
  • Advanced Students: Advanced students are also taken through extensive discussions on complicated Tajweed rules such as Ghunnah, Madd, and Tajweed of specific Surahs and verses. Our instructors bring advanced recitation exercises and customized guidance to help students master their Quranic recitation skills.
  • Customized Learning Path: Our Learn Tajweed online courses are generally designed with a view of customized learning paths that fit the student’s area of strength, an area that needs improvement, and the pace of learning. This ensures that there is appropriate challenge and adequate support for every student.

We offer guidance at every level of learning and individual support for making Learn Tajweed online accessible and useful for everyone in their particular journey toward proficiency.

Learn Tajweed online and the Hifz Quran

The combined design of the online Learn Tajweed and Hifz Quran courses is such that each course complements the other to make the entire learning process effective for the learner, who is going to enhance their recitation of the Quran and memorize the Quran.
This is how these courses work together:

Learn Tajweed Online:

  • Basic Knowledge: During this stage, we have basic knowledge, which is the initial stage where students are taught correct pronunciation of the Arabic letters, Tajweed rules, and the qualities of the letters.
  • Advanced Tajweed: Advanced Tajweed rules cover elongation and shortening, Qalqalah, Ikhfaa, Idghaam, and other areas as the students advance through the course.
  • Implementation: This is where the students implement the Tajweed rules. In the recitation exercises, they apply the principles learned to real Quranic verses and passages.

A good teacher also gives personalized feedback and corrections on what is observed while teaching to ensure that a student develops the skill of accurate and fluent recitation of the Qur.

Memorization of the Quran

Memorization: Our Hifz Quran courses are designed to specifically focus on basic and useful memorization techniques that help students to easily memorize Quranic verses and Surahs.


  • Reviewing Techniques: We offer techniques for consistent reviewing to promote long-term memory of memorized passages and to help build memorization skills.
  • Tajweed Incorporation: The rules of Tajweed are incorporated into classes for the Hifz Quran so that students will not only memorize accurately but also recite with proper Tajweed.

This makes a combination of learning Learn Tajweed online and Hifz Quran courses that comprehensively portray Quranic recitation, memorization, and Tajweed in preparing students to become competent in both fields of Quran studies.

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