Online Hifz class

online hifz class

Welcome to our online Hifz class. Bringing within reach the hitherto quest of Qur’an memorization through guided, experienced instructors who lead in a positive, supportive learning environment, we are proud to serve diverse student populations around the world.

About the online Hifz class

We now also offer complete online hifz classes for students residing in the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Kuwait, Qatar, Emirates, and Saudi Arabia.

Our classes have been designed to make the Holy Quran memorizable in the most easy and effective way for both kids and adults.

Features of Our Online Hifz Classes

  1. Experienced Instructors
    Our teachers are professionally qualified, with many of them coming in with certifications from prestigious institutions like Al-Azhar University. They impart a pool of knowledge and experience to ensure that each student is given the best guidance possible.
  2. Personalized Learning Plans
    We realize that each and every child is different, so we form individual study plans in line with the pace and abilities of a person, which ensures steady progress in memorizing the Qur’an.
  3. Flexibility in classes
    Our Hifz classes are designed for online delivery and are very flexible for your busy schedule. We have designed classes according to the timings for early risers, similarly for night owls.
  4. Live Classes
    Our lessons need to be interactive and interesting, so we use any possible means and tools. We aim to make learning effective and enjoyable, where the use of digital tools is integrated in aiding memorization.
  5. Continuous Evaluation and Feedback
    We ensure that with frequent assessments, accompanied by detailed feedback, a student is well on track for improvement with necessary adjustments to the study plan.
  6. Learning Environment
    This is where we try to make an environment where support is there and students are motivated to learn. Our instructors are there for questions, to motivate, and support students in the attainment of their goals.
  7. Affordable Pricing
    We believe in quality education at an affordable price. The price we offer is quite competitive, with different packages that you may opt for according to your requirements.
tajweed lessons
Best Tajweed lessons | Hifz Quran with Tajweed

Advantages of Joining Our Online Hifz class

  • Better focus
    In one-to-one or small-group sessions, the attention is personal, and the student is able to concentrate properly and remember things more.
  • Convenience in learning
    No long commutes or strict schedules. We offer the convenience of online learning from home.
  • Global Scale
    Feel a part of this diverse, global community of learners so that they all feel like one, dedicated to one single purpose: memorizing the Quran.

What will you be learning in the Online Hifz class?

Online Hifz classes are designed to teach various necessary skills and knowledge to successfully undertake the memorization of the Qur’an. Here are some of the things you will learn:

  • Memorization: We shall subsequently move on to effective memorization techniques based on your learning style. We shall concentrate on ways like repetition, visualization, and association to remember the words of the Qur’an.
  • Tajweed Rules: We also study the rules of Tajweed, including Makharij, the rules of articulating each letter from its place, and Sifaat, the characteristics of each letter. Rules of recitation, Ahkam—all this will make sure you can read the Quran just correctly and beautifully.
  • Memorization of Surahs: Memorize some selected Surahs of the Qur’an one after another in order of increasing length, starting with the short ones. It will make you confident and efficient enough in memorization.
  • Revision Strategies: A person needs to learn how to revise and retain memorized portions. Our class actually reveals effective revision strategies to consolidate memorization and prevent forgetfulness.
  • Comprehension: Although the main task is memorization, we also strive to explain the meanings of the verses of the Qur’an. This deepens the relationship you have with the Qur’an and your spiritual understanding.
  • Fluency: You will be fluent in reciting memorized portions, and being attentive to proper articulation, rhythm, and melodious recitation (Tarteel).
  • Self-discipline and time management: Memorizing the Quran is a burdensome and difficult task. Our classes ensure that the development of the student is right in matters regarding time management skills and self-discipline for progressive study.
  • Duas and Support for Memorization: We also direct in Duas, so that one can memorize with ease, and provide support in memorization through memorization charts, audio recordings, and a customized study plan.
  • Tracking Hifz Progress: It will allow the measurement of progress, setting achievable goals, and celebrating success at milestones of memorization.
  • Quranic Manners: Knowledge and practice of Quranic manners, such as ablution (Wudu), cleanliness, and respect toward the Quran.

Our online Hifz classes provide a holistic learning experience, enabling students to learn memorization techniques, attain mastery of Tajweed, acquire spiritual understanding, and gain practical strategies to enable them to excel in the memorization and recitation of the Qur’an with devotion and excellence.

online Hifz class for kids and adults

Online Hifz classes are for children and adults, and services are delivered as per individual needs for that particular age group.

  • Memorization Classes for Children: We employ a vibrant syllabus in our lesson plan that turns the memorization of Quranic verses into something children eagerly await with value.
  • Fun Learning Activities: Use games, and storytelling related to the stories and teachings of the Qur’an to make the lesson interesting, grasping, and retentive.

Online Hifz Class For Adults

  • Flexible learning: Schedules are flexible for busy adults to manage their professional and personal engagements along with the hifz classes.
  • Focused Memorization: Teaching highly specialized memorization techniques that are appropriate for adults as individuals, considering their cognitive capacity and learning styles.
  • Advanced Tajweed Instructions: Provide advanced Tajweed instruction in order to perfect the skills and ensure faultless and melodious recitation.
  • Self-paced learning: It allows learning to take place at one’s pace, progressively moving through the program with systematic plans and regular appraisals, while working on areas where one needs to improve.

Our online Hifz classes are suitable for children and adults alike, considering a full, comprehensive exposure that will build a love for the Quran and create mature people of any age at expert levels of Quranic memorization and recitation.

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