Online Islamic courses for ladies

online islamic courses for ladies

Nowadays, Muslim women desire to learn about their religion, but in most cases, the limitations come into play be it their busy schedules or location.

We understand that! That is why we bring you a complete set of online Islamic courses for sisters.

Our courses offer convenience and empowerment in learning all that you have ever wanted to know about Islam from the comfort of your home, taught by qualified female instructors. Start your Islam knowledge journey now with our online Islamic courses for ladies.

About Online Islamic courses for ladies

We know better how unique the desire of women is to learn and grow in faith, and sometimes life turns too busy.

That is why we have offered such an extended range of online Islamic courses that are designed only for the ladies residing in the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, and across the Gulf Region, which includes Kuwait, Qatar, the Emirates, and Saudi Arabia.

These are online courses, which are easy to pace through at your convenience and from the comfort of your home. Be it New Muslims or very advanced ones, there is a course for every individual.

These courses comprise a variety of topics from basic matters pertaining to Islam to in-depth knowledge regarding the recitation of the Quran and Islamic law.

Here are a few of the advantages of enrolling in our Online Islamic courses for ladies:

  • Convenience: Learn as and when you like, at your convenience.
  • Accessibility: No need to travel and go to the mosque or Islamic center to learn only.
  • Variety of Courses: Find the course that you like and need.
  • Connect with other Muslim women who share the same quest for knowledge.

We commit ourselves to offering you conducive and empowering learning environments. If you would be interested in taking more courses to learn Islam in more depth or to become more pious we encourage you to browse through the rest of our online courses specifically for ladies.

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What you’ll learn in Online Islamic courses for ladies?

Our online Islamic courses for ladies cover a wide array of topics to cater to the needs of diversified interests and knowledge levels. Following is a glimpse of what you will be learning:

  • Basic Islamic Knowledge: Acquire the baseline of understanding Islamic fundamentals, such as the pillars of Islam, the six articles of faith, and the life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).
  • Quran and its Interpretation (Tafseer): It will further help the student to deepen their relationship with the Holy Quran by learning its correct recitation techniques (Tajweed) and the meaning and message within the verses (Tafseer).
  • Islamic Law (Fiqh): Practical aspects of the application of Islamic principles in everyday life, for example, prayer, fasting, charity, and social interactions.
  • Spiritual Development (Tasawsuf): Learn Islamic spiritual practices that are beneficial to attain a close relationship with Allah.
  • Specific Thematic Courses: We offer a special, in-depth course that is related to women’s lives, such as Islamic etiquette, marriage and family guidance, and the lives of some extraordinary Muslim women from the past.

Remember, these are only examples, and the actual curriculum will depend on the specific program that you select. We encourage you to look into the courses offered and find the one that best fits your interests and learning goals.

Online Islamic courses for ladies with expert ladies tutors

Online Islamic courses for ladies by expert lady tutors are very convenient and give knowledge in empowerment at home.
Online Islamic courses for ladies are held for females only, and by female teachers so that a comfortable and supportive learning environment can be provided.

Some of the advantages of taking online Islamic classes for women with lady tutors in our academy:

  • Convenience: Learn at your own speed, on your own schedule.
  • Access: No need to go to the mosque or Islamic center for learn only.
  • Sisterhood: Get connected to other Muslim women who are on the path of seeking knowledge.
  • Expert Female Instruction: Learn from professional female scholars who are well-trained and who can accommodate you in a safe and comfortable environment.

What you will be learning in the Online Islamic courses for ladies:

  • Basic Islamic Knowledge: Attaining a firm foundation in the basic beliefs such as the pillars of Islam, the six articles of faith, and the life of the Prophet Muhammad.
  • Quran and its interpretation (Tafseer): Strengthen your bond with the Quran through the mastery of the proper technique of recitation (Tajweed) and the meaning and message of the words within the verses.
  • Islamic Law (Fiqh): Study these topics in order to learn how to practice Islamic principles in life through prayer, fasting, charity, and social relations.
  • Spiritual Development (Tasawsuf): Understanding of Islamic spirituality and practices that would bring one closer to Allah.
  • Specific Thematic Courses: Classes on specific themes relevant to women’s lives, such as Islamic etiquette, guidance concerning marriage and family life, or the stories of exemplary women in history. These are simply a few of the examples.

depending on the specific course you opt for, your curriculum will differ. We encourage you to browse the course offerings to choose a program that aligns with your interests and learning goals.

Online Islamic courses for ladies aiming to teach you everything regarding the Islamic way of life for ladies

These are complete online Islamic courses for ladies, bringing the best learning environment into your homes, where we offer comprehensive and full study on Islamic education to impart the right foundation in Islamic knowledge and practice.

To get an idea about a few of the many things that you will be learning:

  • Foundational Islamic Knowledge: Build a solid understanding of the core tenets of Islam, including the five pillars of Islam, the six articles of faith, and the life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).
  • Quran and its Interpretation (Tafseer): Deepen your connection to the Quran through the learning of proper recitation techniques (Tajweed) and exploring the meaning and message inside the verses (Tafseer).
  • Islamic Law (Fiqh): Deals with the practical application of the principles of Islam in daily human life through prayers, fasting, charity (Zakat), and human interaction.
  • Thematic Specific Courses: In fact, many courses discuss themes that are important to women’s lives, such as Islamic etiquette or guidance in marriages and families.

Besides these key topics, some courses take specialized interests further in-depth, such as:

  • Women in Islamic History: Learn about some of the inspirational stories from female scholars and leaders, and other notable women whose influence has altered the course of Islamic history.
  • Islamic Calligraphy: Travel through the beautiful art of Islamic calligraphy, where the Arabic script is transformed into designs and engraved verses from the Quran.

In joining our online Islamic courses for ladies, you will be granted access to a community of like-minded Muslim women, all hungry for knowledge and development.

You will be able to connect with your teachers and classmates, ask questions, and share your experiences all in a secure, supportive atmosphere.

Browse through the number of courses on offer and identify a program that you will love to study that you will also learn a lot from.

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