Online Mosque classes

online mosque classes

We are enthralled to bring something new: Online Mosque classes open for all students worldwide. Whether you are in a great cosmopolitan city or the peaceful countryside, our online classes make sure that the knowledge of Islam is imparted to your doorstep.

Our classes are available for all ages and backgrounds, starting from adults who wish to go more deeply into the details of this knowledge down to children who are at the outset of their journey. Join us and get to know more about the beauty of Islam from the comfort of your home.

About Online Mosque classes

We are very excited to present Online Mosque classes to all students around the world. Whether in the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, or in the Middle East, in Kuwait or Qatar, Arabia, Saudi, or Emirates—we make a classroom available on your desktop.

online quran classes for ladies
Online Quran classes for ladies | Best Ladies tutors

What you’ll learn in Online Mosque classes

Our online mosque classes are purposed to broadly cover a range of Islamic studies, depending on the exact course you will be enrolled to take. However, here is a general area that you would come into contact with:

  • Qur’an: This is very central, and you are able to learn the Qur’an itself, including proper recitation (tajweed) and understanding of the meaning of the verses.
  • Islamic Fundamentals: You get acquainted with all essential beliefs and practices of the faith, five pillars, history, and teachings that come down from the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
  • Arabic: This is a basic requirement for understanding the Quran and materials on Islamic issues. Most courses would either have introductory courses or more detailed courses, according to your needs.
  • Islamic Living: Classes in this category will relate to the many facets of living that you should bring into your life according to the teachings of Islam, such as prayer, fasting, and social dealing.

We suggest, therefore, that you look at individual course descriptions to see what they cover. They also be geared for all age groups and expertise levels, in which case you may be able to find the one that meets your interests and requirements the best.

Online Mosque classes with male and female tutors

We take pleasure in presenting to you, dear students all over the globe, our Online Mosque classes with male and female tutors from AL-AZHAR.

The following are just some of the areas that our courses introduce you to in Islamic studies, depending on the elective course that you will opt to take:

  • Quran: forms the core, over and beyond which you can learn the Qur’an, including tajweed (proper recitation) and also the meaning of the verses.
  • Islamic Fundamentals: Get to learn all about the core beliefs and practices of Islam, including the five pillars, Islamic history, and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
  • Requiring Arabic: Arabic literacy is essential for reading the Quran and other Islamic scriptures. Most will offer an elementary course or an advanced course, depending on the desired outcome.
  • Islamic Living: These classes can help discuss matters such as prayer, fasting, and social conduct, among others, so that Islamic values are applied in your day-to-day life.

We suggest perusing the course descriptions for individual details regarding each. However, some may be very targeted in the age appropriateness and experience they require.

Having male and female tutors allows the students to select who they are most comfortable learning with, which may be important for female students who prefer learning from a female teacher.

Online Mosque Classes for Kids

We are pleased to announce Online Mosque classes targeting kids all over the world!
This makes them a more entertaining and pleasurable way to let children know about Islam, in the ease and security of their residence. Some benefits we offer for our Kids Online Mosque classes:

  • Age-appropriate learning: Our curriculum is designed to make sense and be interactive with the kids’ minds.
  • Safe and supportive classroom: Our online classroom is safe and supportive in providing knowledge to the children, which makes learning free and the asking of questions by the students.
  • Professional instructors: Our staff in teaching child education and Islamic disciplines are almost top-notch. They always long to give knowledge to the young learners in our care in a very interactive, enjoyable way.
  • Convenience and flexibility: Online classes bring with them the ability to learn from anywhere and at any time, based on your family’s schedule.

Here is an overview of some of the general themes that will be covered in our Online Mosque classes for Kids:

  • Foundation Quran: This is a primary grading course that will help your children learn the basics of tajweed and memorize the Quran in an interesting and interactive way.
  • Islamic Stories: Interesting stories regarding the prophets of Islam and other historical figures will go a long way in teaching children about the values and Islamic history.
  • Islamic Practices: The classes introduce children to the terms, practices, and etiquette of such basic Islamic practices as prayer, fasting, and Islamic etiquette in a way that is understandable for them.
  • Arabic: Your child will develop a deep personal relationship with the Quran and Islamic traditions through basic Arabic vocabulary and usage training.

We recommend checking out the specific course descriptions because some are designed with different focuses. They even cater to different age groups or interests.

Online mosque classes for all levels

In regards to online Mosque classes, we are proud to provide a comforting learning environment to students of all levels. Here’s how to learn:


For those who are absolutely new to Islam, or do not have any background knowledge, we have beginner classes that should help you make a start. You would be taught the basics of Quranic recitation (tajweed), core Islamic beliefs, and practices, and possibly a groundwork level of Arabic (this varies according to the course).

Intermediate Learners:

You already know a little but want to only perfect your vision. This level was designed for people whose knowledge had advanced to the point that fluency and accuracy in reciting the Quran then became an essential thematic concern.

This advanced course will instill within you a profound love for Islamic history and teachings on Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Knowledge of the Arabic language shall surely take you towards the comprehension of Islamic texts.

Advanced Students:

Do you feel that you already have a mastery of the topic and wish to advance beyond your current limits? In our advanced courses, we delve into more complex areas on how to read the Quran and discussions on Islamic law and exegesis. The Advanced Arabic classes can be an initial step for students to translate and study Islamic text.

  • Flexibility across levels: We believe that knowledge at each level might be different, so even within a class, our teachers are experts in teaching diversely to cater to the needs of any given individual at any different level of learning.
    That way, regardless of your starting point, you will have a personalized learning experience.
  • Learning on a Continual Basis: The beauty of our online platform is you can keep on learning. One will work level by level within his/her time frame, pausing at certain times when it becomes necessary to take some time to return to the courses served for better understanding.

Hence, the online mosque class gives room for the inquisitive beginner as well as one pursuing knowledge at an academic level.

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