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quran arabic lessons

Welcome to our Quran Arabic lessons. Our program is designed to offer through proper teaching the ability of Qur’anic Arabic to equip a student with qualified male and female tutors who are knowledgeable, devoted, and culturally sensitive in their training.

The institute makes a congenial and welcoming environment so that students feel at ease and are able to rise up for their study of the Quran, no matter what their background and preferences may be.

You will be assured of interesting classes and a supportive learning environment, and whether you take your lessons with a male or female instructor, that one-on-one attention will see you grow up into an intellectual and spiritual life.

Our tutors are not only teachers, but they also act as coaches and encourage students through the maze of Arabic grammar, Tajweed laws, and reading the Quran with comprehension and interpretation.

We focus on the effectiveness of teaching, using interactive learning materials, and giving individual instruction since we want every student to reach his or her target in comprehension of the Quran.

Join in this journey of Quran Arabic lessons, sharing knowledge, and the beauty of the Qur’anic language that comes alive in each lesson.

About Quran Arabic lessons

We conduct Quran Arabic classes in over seven countries including the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Kuwait, Qatar, Emirates, and Saudi Arabia.

Our Quranic Arabic curriculum has been designed in such a manner that students can understand and get the hang of the language of the Quran so they are able to learn to read, recite, and understand the Quran very well.

Other subject areas that our curriculum touches on include Arabic grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and comprehension, all tailor-made to meet learners’ needs and competencies.

Our Arabic Qur’an classes are managed and implemented by well-qualified, experienced, and competent staff skilled in teaching Arabic and Qur’an studies.

Modern, functional methodologies of teaching supported by interactive learning materials ensure that the learning process is learner-centered and aims at achieving progress in studies. Whether you are an absolute beginner or have some background in Qur’anic Arabic, you will be provided with a supportive and enriching learning environment to help you reach your potential.

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What’s covered in the Quran Arabic lessons?

Within our Quran Arabic lessons, a variety of pertinent topics and skills need to be acquired and mastered in the learning of the Arabic language.
The major areas to be covered under this course include:

Arabic Alphabet and its Pronunciation: Students are introduced to the Arabic alphabet, covering the consonants and vowels, along with an elementary introduction to diacritics and pronunciation rules that help in developing the skills of reading and recitation.

  • Basic Vocabulary: We cover basic vocabulary in relation to daily life and the Quranic context so that the students understand quite a lot of common words and phrases found in the Quran.
  • Grammar Rules: We teach grammar topics in Arabic, such as noun forms, verb conjugation, sentence structure, and the rules of Quranic Arabic grammar, and we assist learners in constructing the right sentences.
  • Quranic Reading and Recitation: This is the category where the students are taught how to read and recite the Holy Quran.
    It requires students to read and recite from the Quran, ensuring that proper Tajweed rules within the text are strictly applied so that the Holy Text is articulated, pronounced, and presented properly in melody.
  • Comprehension and Translation: We explain to our students the meaning of Qur’anic verses by studying the context of vocabulary, and the language complexity of the Qur’an, and translating those verses into their language.
  • Hifz: For students who take an interest in memorizing the verses of the Holy Qur’an, we encourage and provide them with tips and techniques to easily make the memorization process, effective strategies on repetition, and personalized memorization planning.
  • Qur’anic Studies: Their thematic, linguistic, and historical dimensions are abundantly covered in our Quran Arabic lessons, such that the student is further exposed to the depth of the message, narrations, and life lessons it contains.
  • Interactive Activities: We include interactive exercises, quizzes, discussions, and hands-on applications which make learning sticky and enable you to interact actively with the material.

Our Quran Arabic lessons are going to be very comprehensive and systematic, with the outcome being a student who can read, understand, and derive pleasure from the beauty of the Quran.

Quran Arabic Lessons for Kids and Adults

We offer Quranic Arabic classes that cater to children and grown-ups, respectively, keeping in view the differentiated needs of the two groups of learners.

The major adaptation of preferences, at the same time keeping in view these vast differentiation needs, are set into consideration.

Teaching Kids the Quran in Arabic:

  • Engaging Curriculum: A stimulating environment purposely provided in the effort to reach the students through our interesting lessons to the children whereby they easily interact with games, stories, songs, and visual learning aids.
  • Basic Language Skills: We introduce the teaching of the Arabic alphabet, basic vocabulary, easy grammar rules, and Quranic stories in a very child-friendly and interesting way.
  • Tajweed for Kids: Basic Tajweed rules are taught to the kids and implemented in making the proper pronunciation and recitation of Quranic verses, particularly emphasizing articulation and melody.
  • Memorization Support: To those children who show interest in memorizing verses of the Holy Qur’an (Hifz), we provide guidelines and necessary tools for memorization guidance and repetition support and encouragement through the practice of recitation.
  • Positive Learning Environment: This is a place where teachers offer support and nurturing for the empowerment of the self, which cultivates self-confidence, enthusiasm, and a love for learning the Quranic Arabic language among the students.

Quran Arabic lessons For Adults:

  • Holistic Curriculum: This Quran Arabic lesson presents a general perspective from the most basic Arabic language skills to advanced study of the Qur’an that caters to adults.
  • Focused Learning Objectives: Adults can then choose to focus on any area of interest or need, such as Quranic reading, Tajweed mastery, Arabic grammar, Tafsir, or memorization techniques.
  • Flex-Time Classes: The flexibility in scheduling within our programs will be beneficial to the busy lifestyles of adults, who may also opt for convenient times for lessons, be it during the day, evenings, or weekends.
  • Personalized Instruction: Our experienced instructors guide, give feedback, and support learners by adapting teaching methods and materials to the needs and preferences of the adult learner.
  • Application-Oriented Approach: Adults will have to be equipped with certain pragmatic, experiential skills and knowledge, which could be applied in their understanding and dealing with the Qur’an in daily life so that their experience can be deeper and their intellectual growth fostered.

Our Arabic lessons of the Quran are so structured to instill inspiration and love for Quran Arabic lessons from a tender age, yet support an adult’s journey of Quran Arabic lessons for Kids and Adults.

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