Quran class for beginners

quran class for beginners

Assalamu alaykum wa rehmatullah wa barakatuhu (Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you).

We are happy that we have a Quran class for beginners as an introduction to this journey of knowledge and understanding of the holy book.

Our Quran class for beginners caters to the highest standards of students in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Canada, Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. Whether you are new to Islam or haven’t delved into the Quran before, we welcome you with open arms.

Our expert instructors are fully committed to sharing and inculcating in their students a passion for the Quran. Our male and female teachers will assist you at every step, starting from the command of the Arabic alphabet and the diacritical marks to the level of understanding the inner meanings of the verses.

Hence, we invite you to undertake this blessed step in the company of the Qur’an as your guide towards enlightenment, knowledge, and peace.

Jazakum Allahu khairan (May Allah reward you with goodness) for your interest. We look forward to welcoming you to our Quran class for beginners.

About Quran class for beginners

We are delighted to bring you such a Quran class for beginners that are from absolute scratch, specifically designed for those who are taking baby steps in the learning process of the Quran. Whether you are in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Canada, or the Gulf region, including Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we surely can help you.

Our classes are designed to be approachable and engaging for those with little prior knowledge. Here’s what you can learn:

  • Basic: We’ll begin with the alphabet and pronunciation basics.
  • Tajweed: A student will be taught the rules of recitation (Tajweed) to recite the Qur’an in a beautiful, correct, and accurate manner.
  • Understanding: We will now focus on the meaning of the Quran and study its message and teachings in easily understandable ways.
  • Flexibility: Since we offer online classes, you can access them easily from anywhere you feel comfortable be it your home, office, or even any other part of the country, as mentioned above.

We believe that every soul has a right to learn the Quran. So, whether you want to take the first step, we would be honored to be your guide.

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What is a beginner taught in our Quran class for beginners?

In our Quran class for beginners, we build the basics on which you can learn to read, recite, and understand the القرآن (Quran) confidently. Here is a breakdown of what you will learn:

  • The Arabic Alphabet and Pronunciation: The Arabic Alphabet consists of 28 letters and begins from the right with Alef (ا). We will first learn the Arabic letters (حروف – huruf) and how to pronounce them. This will include the unique sounds that do not occur in English and the diacritics (markings) that are used to indicate.
  • Reading Arabic Words and Sentences: After you learn the alphabet, we join letters to make words and sentences. We should know how the letters join up and also how these markings we spoke of before affect the pronunciation when added to them.
  • The Tajweed rules: It is a set of observations concerning the rules one should observe when reciting the Quran with beauty and accuracy.
  • We shall slowly introduce you to the concepts of Tajweed: the correct pronunciation of each letter and its variations, the lengthening and shortening of the vowels, stopping and starting places, and so on.
  • Basic Quranic Vocabulary: As you progress in your reading, you will come across some common vocabulary of the Qur’an. This will additionally facilitate you in understanding the context of the verses you are reciting.
  • Introduction to Quranic Concepts: The explanation or concept and message of the Quran in a friendly way; it can be based on short passing, selected themes, or even some stories from the Quran.

Remember that we will adjust the pace and difficulty of your lessons to your progress. Our aim is, therefore, to make your Quranic learning journey beneficial and enjoyable.

Quran class for beginners with male & female expert teachers

We understand that in your Quranic learning experience, it is essential to have instructors who will effectively guide you. That’s why we offer Quran class for beginners with expert male and female teachers.

Here is what makes our Quran class for beginners the best:

  • The Tutors: Our tutors have acquired ample knowledge of Quranic studies and Tajweed rules. Moreover, they possess a solid Islamic background, so they can address all of your questions in good detail.
  • Experienced: They have years of experience teaching beginners, especially those who are beginners to the Arabic language. They will already relate to the struggles the beginner is going through and be able to explain concepts well, offering the proper guidance to the particular student.
  • Understanding and Patient: Our tutors screen the teaching process with knowledge and patience. They create a friendly and supportive environment, and you will certainly not feel shy to ask questions and even make mistakes, which are part of the learning process now.
  • Customized learning: We can match you with someone who best suits your learning style and preferences, be it a male or female tutor. Make diversity and inclusivity practices We understand that some students would like to learn either from a male instructor or female and for different reasons.
  • Benefits of Both: Both male and female tutors come with their unique strengths. While male tutors will have a strong background in Islamic studies, female tutors may become effective in dealing with the psychological aspect of entering into the feminine mind, especially for female students.

The most important thing is finding a tutor you are comfortable learning from, and we’re sure that we have the perfect one for you to have in your journey with the Quran.

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