Quran classes for Adults online

quran classes for adults online

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu (Peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you.

Have you ever felt a desire to grow closer to the Holy Qur’an the very word foundation of our faith? Maybe life gets too busy, and its recitation gets pushed to the sidelines, or perhaps you’re a new convert looking to seek guidance in its beautiful verses. Whatever your reason, we are here to welcome you with open arms by Quran classes for Adults online.

Keeping this into consideration, we offer something very unique: Quran classes for Adults online designed to bring the light of the Holy Qur’an right to your house, no matter where you may be staying.

About Quran classes for Adults online

We understand you are interested in our Quran classes for Adults online Designed to offer large quantities of flexibility, this program will make it highly convenient for all adult classes from different backgrounds to study the Quran no matter where they call home anywhere in the world.

You can follow our qualified instructors for online Quran lessons from the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, or the Middle East, including Kuwait, Qatar, Emirates, and Saudi Arabia.

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Best Quran Teacher online | Hifz & Read with Tajweed

What will you learn in the Quran classes for Adults online?

Our Quran classes for Adults online are for various learners, based on your knowledge and desires. Here’s a breakdown of what you can learn:

  • Essential Skills: For beginners, we will begin with the Arabic alphabet, stressing the importance of correct pronunciation and identification of the letters. This will advance to joining letters to form words and sentences, empowering you to read essential Quranic verses.
  • Tajweed Mastery: At the heart of our classes is Tajweed – it’s the rulebook to recite the Qur’an beautifully and correctly. You will learn to articulate each letter on its articulation point for each sound in Arabic, and you’ll also learn essential rules, such as lengthening, emphasizing, and stopping.
  • Quran Recitation: With a solid background in Tajweed, we’ll help you implement the rules for fluent and confident Quran recitation. For this, you will receive personalized feedback from our instructors to ensure you are on the right track.
  • Hifz: For those who like to take it a step further, we provide optional memorization classes. You’ll learn techniques to make it easy to memorize verses and even Sūrahs of the Quran.

We offer Quran classes for Adults online that encourage you by giving you the power to inherit a profound understanding of the Quran to recite it beautifully and, most importantly, perhaps quote by heart some part of this Holy Text.

Quran classes for Adults online with Men & Women Tutors

We know that students may have their own male or female teacher preferences for the Quran. So, this is how we cater to their needs:

Flexibility and Choice We offer adult Quran classes online with qualified tutors who are either female or male. Upon registration, you can opt to be taught by a tutor of the same gender.

  • Learning Environment: Our instructors are highly qualified and experienced in ensuring a respectful learning environment for students of all backgrounds.
  • Focus on learning: We value your learning objectives and progress more than anything else. Our male and female tutors are passionate about sharing the knowledge of the Quran and making a good learning experience for you.
  • We encourage you to express your preference at the time of enrollment so that we can successfully match you with a suitable instructor.

Benefits of Quran classes for Adults online with Men & Women Tutors

Our Quran classes for Adults online are fully cognizant of the fact that different students prefer studying with tutors of their gender. We provide such flexibility, which is that students opting for female or male tutors can easily avail themselves of any. Here is a closer look at the benefits:

  • Focus and Comfort: Learning the Quran is dependent on the input of concentration, as well as a sense of comfort. You shall feel at ease with our lessons since you can choose either a male or female instructor.
  • Cultural Considerations: Some students may prefer a teacher for the Quran whose gender they feel is more culturally appropriate or personally preferable to them. We respect these preferences and provide options.
  • Stringent Selection Process: All our tutors, both male and female, have to go through a very rigorous process of vetting to ascertain that they are qualified, experienced, and possess sufficient teaching capability.
  • Focus on Quranic Knowledge: The teachers, both male and female, have a deep understanding of the Quran and eagerness to ensure that their students succeed. They are committed to working with you to reach your learning goals.
  • Choosing Your Preference: At the time of registration, you can expressly state your preference for a male or female Quran teacher.
  • Finding the Perfect Match: We will match you with a specially qualified tutor according to your learning goals and style.

Quran classes for Adults online with Tajweed

Our Quran classes for Adults online go beyond just reading the Quran. We ensure that adults learn the correct Tajweed, the science of reciting the Quran with the proper pronunciation and articulation. Here is why it is so important and how we will help you to cover it:

  • The Importance of Tajweed: Preserving the Quran: Tajweed is meant to keep the Quran precisely as it was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), with its beauty and accuracy intact for all times.
  • Greater comprehension and understanding: Good pronunciation enables a better hearing and understanding of the message and meaning of the Quran.
  • Beautiful Recitation: Learning Tajweed helps one to recite the Quran in a fluid and stunning way that creates a spiritual impact on the provided text.
  • Integration into Your Education: Gradual Introduction: We start with basic Tajweed rules—beginning so that the letters and alphabets of the Arabic language are pronounced correctly.
  • Progressive Learning: As you progress, you will go deeper into the more advanced concepts of Tajweed, such as elongation, emphasis, and pause sounds.
  • Constant Feedback: Our teachers give individual feedback to make sure you’re properly implementing the rules of Tajweed and developing the right techniques of recitation.

By incorporating Tajweed into our Quran classes for Adults online, we empower you to not only read the Quran fluently but beautifully and accurately as well.

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