Quran reading for beginners

quran reading for beginners

Have you ever imagined being able to recite the Quran beautifully and confidently?
We make this dream come true for students of all ages and backgrounds from the UK to Saudi Arabia.

Our Quran reading lessons platform provides you with a course for Quran reading for beginners with a friendly and well-structured learning environment to harness these acquired skills in relation to further understanding one’s Islamic faith.

About Quran reading for beginners

Reciting the Quran might look like a huge and daunting task when learning, but we are here to make it smooth and rewarding for novices.

We provide Quran reading for beginners and courses for everyone, whether children or adults, and we do this worldwide. If you are in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada, or the Middle East (Kuwait, Qatar, Emirates, or Saudi Arabia), we introduce you to some excellent and experienced teachers who will start teaching you the basic rules of reciting the holy Qur’an.

  • Our Quran reading for beginners course and basic Tajweed classes generally cover the following:
  • Proper pronunciation of Arabic letters and words: this is where the correct recitation of the Quran begins. The teachers will equip you with the necessary tools and techniques for the proper mastery of the Arabic alphabet and sounds.
  • Tajweed rules: Reiteratively, Tajweed is based on the rules of recitation of the Quran with the proper pronunciation and intonation. By studying tajweed, you will gain a beautiful recitation experience and ensure you are doing everything correctly.
  • Basic Islamic knowledge: The sections we shall follow may also briefly touch on some basic Islamic knowledge, which will help you better understand the context of the Quran and hence appreciate its message.

We believe that everyone can learn the recitation of the Quran and that we firmly adhere to being a solid source of support, providing our students with a roadmap for success. Our teachers always have an ardor and passion to let their knowledge about the Quran flow down the stream for each of their disciples.

Should you wish to learn more about our Quran reading for beginners course, contact us, and we will be glad to address all concerns on the same. We would be happy to answer all your questions and help you.

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What will be taught in Quran reading for beginners?

In Quran Reading for Beginners course, You will start with learning the Arabic Alphabet, its unique letter pronunciation, and how the letters are connected to form words. This shall eventually make way for correct recitation.

  • Phonics & Tajweed: We would like to introduce you to the beautiful science called Tajweed, which means reciting the Quran with the correct pronunciation and articulation. This also involves proper conceptualization of items like elongation of sound (madd), point-of-stress consonants (Hannah), and correctly placed stops (waqf).
  • Basics of Islamic Knowledge: Besides recitation, you will also learn about the basics in classes. This generally includes knowing about important Islamic terminologies such as Allah, Prophet Muhammad, and the significance of the Quran.

Developing Your Recitation Skills by:

  • Short Suras (Chapters): We will start with some shorter and simpler suras to build your confidence and practice reading and applying the rules of Tajweed. Common starting points are suras such as Al-Fatiha, Al-Ikhlas, and An-Nas.
  • Memorization techniques: We will teach you valid memorization techniques that will help you store the learned information in your memory and gradually proceed to reproduce longer passages.
  • Fluency and Beauty: Over time, we also develop reading fluency and the general beauty of your recitation. This might encompass practice in the correct intonation and pacing for the recital.

Quran reading for beginners by professional male & female tutors

When it comes to Quran reading for beginners, we understand that a perfect tutor makes a lot of difference. Thus, we have a diversified team of expert male and female tutors who will fit your preference and disposition to learn.

  • That’s why it is beneficial to have an option of tutors, either male or female.
  • Level of comfort: Some students, mainly female beginners, would find studying under a female instructor easier. This makes the learning environment less stressful, and it helps them be more open in asking questions.
  • Cultural Understanding: Depending on your background, you might prefer a teacher who shares your cultural perspective. Both male and female tutors can offer valuable insights and guidance based on their own experiences.
  • Learning Methods: Everyone is different; some teachers’ styles may be strict and superficial, related to memorization, while others build a base with pronunciation and Tajweed. Different tutors would lead to finding one whose style resonates best with you, making the learning fun.

Whether female or male, the following are qualities common to all tutors:

  • Highly Educated: They have a good command of the Quran and its Tajweed rules, along with teaching novices. They understand the difficulties of learning a new language and are there to help you every step toward being a successful learner.
  • Passionate Educators: They have a burning zeal to disseminate knowledge in the Quran and are interested in creating good experiences for all their students.

Feel free to discuss your needs with us upon enrollment. Whatever you prefer, a male or female teacher, we can arrange for you the best tutors who will take you step by step on this most rewarding journey.

The Importance of Quran reading for beginners

The Quran is one of the pillars of Islam through which a Muslim, according to the faith, can be saved after being revealed by God to the Prophet Muhammad. Learning its recitation prepares the learner for the first step that fortifies their belief and direct linkage with the Islamic holy book.
The Importance of Quran reading for beginners:

  • SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT: THE QURAN BRINGS CALM Recitation of the Quran will ensure a state of comfort and quiet contentment. The process improves with time as the novice learner becomes more contemplative, making deeper connections to the Almighty.
  • Character Development: The Qur’an has its way of injunction living a moral and ethical life. Novices are exposed to some of the Islamic values of honesty, kindness, and patience, which, in general, help them with their overall character development.
  • The sense of community: It puts you in connection with a whole, great Muslim community. You get to participate in prayers and religious gatherings, thus feeling one with your brethren and having a common purpose.
  • Discipline and Memory: Disciplined and constant recitation of the Qur’an improves memory.

An early start is essential for children: starting the recitation of the Quran earlier in life will open the way for a lifelong relationship with the Quran and Islamic teachings. ( Reading Quran Course )

This way, it can assist in every other aspect of a novice’s life, not necessarily those regarding religious practice.

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