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In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Do you earnestly desire closeness with the eternal Word of Allah? Do you wish to recite the Quran beautifully and seek to understand its deep wisdom?

We are happy to allow you to join this blessed road of Quran studies online. Here, you get to learn from Al-Azhar graduates within your home — men and women who guide you in mastering the recitation, tajweed, and the profound meaning of the Quran.

This program is open to everyone, irrespective of age or background. With a learning design approach, you can be an absolute beginner or looking to fine-tune already existing knowledge, and we have a pathway for you.

About Quran studies online

We are excited to offer you the chance to Quran studies online from anywhere in the world. Whether it be the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, or the Middle East (Kuwait, Qatar, Emirates, Saudi Arabia), we can help you on your way.

This makes our online Qur’an classes very flexible and convenient in learning, according to one’s pace and convenience. You will have qualified teachers to lead you in recitation, tajweed (rules of proper Qur’anic pronunciation), and understanding of the meaning of the Qur’an.

If you have ever desired to learn the Koran but believed there was no way to study in your area, online Qur’an studies are your answer.
Please do let us know in case of any queries regarding our programs!

learn quran online for beginners
Learn Quran online for Beginners | Best Quranic courses

What will you learn in the Quran studies online at our academy?

In this Quran studies online academy, students will take a rewarding journey full of knowledge and the skills to become engaged with the Qur’an. Here’s an overview of what you’ll learn:

  • Strong Foundation: We will start building your foundation right by teaching you the proper pronunciation of Arabic and tajweed rules in Arabic so that you can recite the Quran nicely with its meaning kept intact.
  • Fluency in Recitation: Our faculty will help you become a master of the art of Quranic recitation, from learning the basics to being fluent in reading and understanding the text of the Quran.
  • Deeper Understanding of Islam: We go beyond just recitation. We assist in exploring deep meanings of the Quran through our online classes. You will be educated about historical settings, interpretations, and universal wisdom shrouded in the verses.
  • Tailored Learning: We understand that learning is made perfectly for everybody. Our online Quran classes are tailor-made in pace, learning methods, and objectives to achieve them.

This mixture of core Qur’anic knowledge, fluency in its recitation, and deeper understanding will help you build a super-strong relationship with the Holy Text.

Quran studies online from MALE and FEMALE TUTORS of AL-AZHAR

We understand that choice and flexibility are essential in your Quran studies online. So, we provide online Quran classes for male and female tutors who are graduates of the prestigious Al-Azhar University.

Here is why you may benefit from having this option:

  • Learning Preference: Some learners find more comfort in an instructor from either gender, based on preference or cultural background. Maybe this is met by offering both, which we do.
  • Specialization: Meanwhile, some graduates of Al-Azhar could specialize in the fields, for example, Tajweed or Tafseer. You can simply ask your tutor about their specialization to compare your needs and expectations against that.
  • Availability: We have a large pool of tutors, enabling us to provide classes at flexible schedules whereby you can find courses that fit your busy life.

Whether you prefer male or female faculty, all our Al-Azhar tutors are dedicated professionals and well-equipped with the essentials to guide you in this Quran studies online.

They have the knowledge and experience to properly teach the recitation of the Quran, Tajweed, and the deeper meanings of the Quran. If there is any specific preference, like a male or female tutor, during the registration process, just inform us.

We will try to pair you up with an appropriate instructor to the best of our ability.

Quran Studies Online for all Levels & Ages

Quran studies online program is aimed at providing an inclusive stage for all students of any class and age from any globally located area.

  • Whether you are: A Complete Beginner: These foundational courses are designed independent of the individual having been in touch with any of the Arabic dialects, making sure that you acquire the appropriate skills needed to begin reciting the Quran correctly.
  • Enhance Recitation: If you know the basics but your pronunciation and fluency must be professional, then our Tajweed-oriented sessions will get you beautiful and accurate recitation.
  • A Returning Learner: Perhaps you have studied the Qur’an before and would like to update and deepen your learning of the subject. Our program respects your prior knowledge and allows you to take your learning further at your own pace.

We have exciting and relevant programs created to instill the love of the Quran among children. Teachers here make a fun and nurturing environment where young learners do well and prosper.

Our flexible, online classes fit conveniently into busy adult lifestyles for learning at leisure.

We offer online Quran study programs that are appropriate for all age groups and levels of knowledge.

High-level professional teachers will address each student according to his particular needs, ensuring a successful learning process.

FAQs About Quran studies online

Are Quran studies online for beginners?

Yes! Our Quran studies online cater to all levels, from complete beginners to those wanting to improve recitation.

What can I learn in Quran studies online classes?

You’ll learn proper pronunciation (Tajweed), and fluent recitation, and gain a deeper understanding of the Quran’s meaning.

Do you offer male and female tutors?

Absolutely! We have qualified tutors from Al-Azhar University, both men and women, to suit your preferences.

How do online Quran classes work?

Classes are held virtually using platforms like Zoom. You’ll receive personalized instruction tailored to your goals.

What are the benefits of online Quran learning?

It’s flexible, convenient, and allows you to learn from anywhere in the world with qualified men & women instructors.


This registration involves creating an account on our platform and obligatory personal data, and choosing class timings that are suitable for you.
Once the registration is over, you will get logins to our learning online platform where you can obtain all the resources, materials, and instruments you need for your Quran study.

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