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quran tafseer class

Do you want to increase your understanding of the holy book with a view to its application in your life? If yes, then this is the class for you.

This interesting Quran Tafseer class, which is online and hence allows students from across the world, including those in the UK, USA, and Canada, to study from wherever it is convenient for them, is where you will be taught the Quaran by highly experienced tutors who are both male and female, through years of knowledge and views about the subject.

About the Quran Tafseer class

We have the pleasure of offering our services of providing Quran Tafseer classes to the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Kuwait, Qatar, Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. Our Quran Tafseer class guarantees adequate in-depth knowledge of the interpretation and understanding of the Quran before you develop a high sense of respect for this Holy book.

No matter if you are at a beginning level of study of the Quran or if you are more advanced, our tafseer classes are meant to suit your needs. With a range of class formats and schedules in pretty much every time zone, we make classes convenient and flexible to fit your life.

Take live online classes from the comfort of your home from anywhere in the world.

We would appreciate it if you could sign up today for one of our classes on the Tafseer of the Quran, Can help you learn more on the subject and give you an insight into Islam.

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What’s the Quran Tafseer class?

In our Quran Tafseer class, there are meanings and interpretations of the Quran, being the holy book for Muslims. This is, in essence, a course taken to comprehend the Quran better.

Here is a rundown of what you can look forward to:

  • Deep Study of Quranic Meanings: We do not just read through the verses, but with classwork, we are at hand to guide you through the myriad layers of meaning of the Quran, set within its context of revelation and the Arabic language.
  • Interpretation: There are various approaches to interpreting the Qur’an, drawn from the wisdom of Islamic scholars and established Tafseers (commentaries).
  • Applying Quranic Teachings: The Quran should be a guide for everyday living. Our classes will help enable you to correctly bridge the gap between understanding what the message of the Qur’an is about and living out that message in your own life with your actions.

What shall be taught in the Quran Tafseer class?

Insha’Allah in this Quran Tafseer class, you will accompany us on a journey in opening up the meaning of the Quran not just in reading but in gaining knowledge. What you will learn:

  • Arabic Language: For a proper understanding, an insight into the language in which the Quran was revealed becomes most useful. You would learn some basic necessary Arabic vocabulary and grammatical structures that have a bearing on the meaning of verses. This doesn’t mean fluency, but more of a working knowledge of the language.
    Many of such Quranic verses were actually revealed in response or reaction to some events or questions that cropped up during Prophet Muhammad’s time. Within the framework, it is possible to understand the meaning and purpose of these verses.
  • Classical Tafseers: We will study the classical Tafseers or the commentaries that were produced in the course of time by Islamic scholars and the information they provide on interpretations. The information is derived from Arabic grammar and syntax, historical background, and the sayings of the Prophet.
  • Thematic Analysis: The Quran addresses a very wide scope of topics, from faith and worship to social justice and ethics.
    Our classes will help you identify and interpret such themes within the Quran so that you can acquire overall comprehension of the meaning contained in it.
  • Applying the Quran to Daily Life: The Quran is not only a historical book but it is a charter for life. This discussion will increase by mentioning about how to apply the teaching of the Quran to personal activity, decisions, and relationships within daily life.
  • Enhances Thought and Critical Thinking: Tafseer will engage your mind in dealing with the text, pondering its numerous interpretations to come up with a personal, well-thought-out comprehension. This develops your critical thinking, which will be helpful not only in learning the Quran but also in life generally.

By learning all these you will definitely feel the richness of the Quran, its message that stands the test of time, the great influence it has upon your faith, and then consequently your daily life.

Quran Tafseer class by the expert tutors for male and female

Al Tafseer classes are designed to fit the male and female members. We also have a highly qualified team of male and female tutors who are ready to spread their intellectual services.

Here is why it is good that our Tafseer instructors are represented by both genders:

  • Diverse Perspectives: Male and female scholars bring life experiences and fields of expertise. This diverse perspective will help you learn, and you will be exposed to more interpretations and insights.
  • Comfort / Learning Style: Some may feel more comfortable learning from a tutor of the same gender, and that is ok If you would like to request either a male or female tutor, feel free to do so.
    Our core aim is to give you the very best Qur’anic Education. All our teachers are aptly qualified for the purpose and highly selected irrespective of gender and we are proud to have the most professional female teachers any other, with proficiency in Tafseer principles.
  • How to Choose a Tutor: Once you sign up for our Quran Tafseer class, information regarding the tutors will be available concerning their backgrounds, styles of teaching, and interests. This then will help you in selecting the correct tutor to cater to your learning needs in ways of preference, for example, male or female tutors.

We understand a rapport with your tutor is a key part of your learning process, so feel free to ask us if you have any questions about our tutors or the courses.

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