Online Quran classes with Tajweed

online quran classes with tajweed

We provide friendly and convenient Online Quran classes with a Tajweed environment for students at any level of experience, from beginners in the Qur’anic journey to those who are perfectionists. Learn from dedicated and experienced teachers with our online classes. Learn from these qualified and passionate educators, and know how to recite the Quran beautifully and confidently with observance of the proper rules of tajweed.

About online Quran classes with Tajweed

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Learn the Quran from home, online, with a qualified Quran teacher at your pace who will guide you to the mastery of Tajweed. It is the science of reading the Qur’an properly, beginning with pronunciation and the technique of articulation. Confidence in reciting the Quran beautifully and correctly comes through learning Tajweed.

Online Quran classes with Tajweed are also perfect for anybody, from children to adults, from beginners to those who desire improvement. We provide a flexible schedule for your learning according to your busy life, and our expert teachers are dedicated to helping you reach your Quranic goals.

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What you’ll learn in online Quran classes with Tajweed?

In our online Quran classes with Tajweed, you will have an incredible journey of reciting the Quran fluently and precisely. Here is what you are going to learn:

  • Arabic Basics: From here, we will lay a strong foundation in the Arabic language, starting with mastering the correct pronunciation and articulation of each Arabic letter. This shall involve the ability to be familiar with the various features pertinent to the Arabic alphabet and the sounds each letter.
    The Rules of Tajweed delve into the beautiful science whereby all the essential rules that guide the recitation of the Quran are learned. Such rules include the proper lengthening and shortening of vowels, correct pronunciation with Maharaj, and techniques like mad and waqf.
  • Fluency and Confidence: With constant practice and guidance from your teacher, you shall be fluent in and confident of your recitation of verses from the Quran, as well as using the rules of Tajweed fluidly so that the Quran flows beautifully from your tongue.
  • Understanding of the Quran: Most online Tajweed Quran courses also include basics of the Quranic Arabic and Tafseer (interpretation) in addition to Tajweed. This can give you more insight into the meaning and message of the verses you are reciting.

By the end of it, your Tajweed Online Quran Classes, you’ll be able and ready to:

  • Recite the Quran with due measure and rhythm.
  • Read the rules of Tajweed in your recitation.
  • Gain a deeper appreciation for the language and message of the Quran.

This knowledge will make you not only improve the way you recite it but also bring you closer to the Holy Quran.

Online Quran classes with Tajweed for All Levels

Our TOnline Quran classes with Tajweed have been designed to serve all students equally in all grade levels, enabling them to begin their learning journey of the Quran beautifully and correctly. Here’s how we individualize the experience for students at every level:


  • Focus on Arabic Basics: We will start with the alphabet and acquaint you with letters, sounds, and pronunciation.
  • Tajweed: We will introduce Tajweed rules progressively, starting from such basics as the proper Makharij and up to the advanced rules as you grow in confidence.
  • Emphasis on Correct Recitation: Our teachers will give you individual attention, correct your pronunciation, and help you learn the basics of Tajweed.

Intermediate Learners:

  • Topping Up the Basics: We are familiar with the basic rules; now we will look into some more significant details of the Tajweed rules with a focus on reciting fluently and correctly.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: You will take part in tougher recitations in which you apply the Tajweed rules you have learned under the guidance of your teacher.
  • Refining Recitation Skills: Our teachers shall give feedback to fine-tune your recitation skills and sharpen the weak areas.

Highly Able Students:

  • Mastery over Tajweed Rules: We would go deep into some advanced Tajweed-related concepts, enabling our students to have complete solid command over the science of Quranic recitation.
  • This course is centered on fluency and beauty, although much emphasis will be laid on Tajweed: toward mastering finer details that will result in beautiful and melodious recitation.
  • Tailored Learning: Our teachers will customize lessons to help you achieve your goals, whether it be to become masterful with specific Tajweed rules or to get you ready for a higher Quranic education.
  • More Things to Consider for All Levels: Flexible Learning Pace: We recognize that everybody learns at their own pace. We let you advance at a flexible learning pace that comforts you on our online platform.
  • Interactive Learning Environment: We use various interactive tools and resources on the ZOOM APP to ensure an active learning engagement of students. They are qualified teachers and have good patience and passion in guiding the students at whatever level.

Our online Quran classes with Tajweed lead you in personalizing your way of achieving goals, independent of the level of Quranic knowledge any person possesses.
Let us guide you through this course to recite the Quran confidently and beautifully.

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