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quran classes for adults

Welcome to our Quran Classes for Adults.
This program is exclusively designed to meet the needs of adult learners in their quests to explore knowledge from the Quran, develop their recitation, and tighten the bond with the teachings of Islam in a one-on-one classroom.

We are the only institute that provides both male and female tutors, each with years of experience in their respective subject areas.
Students can also choose the kind of environment that will suit them well in terms of comfort and cultural considerations, hence promoting an environment of respect and supportiveness.

Our general courses are inclusive of a vast array of general subjects, with even Quranic recitation (Tajweed), Quranic Arabic, meaning and Tafsir, memorization (Hifz), and Islamic studies.
The flexible scheduling and personalized guidance offer the student an opportunity to improve within his own time frame as a beginner or enhancer.

We focus on quality instruction, individualized attention, and a holistic approach to learning the Qur’an.

About Quran Classes for Adults

We offer online Quran classes in the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Kuwait, Qatar, Emirates, and Saudi Arabia to adults.
Our classes are special; we design them keeping in mind the needs and schedules of adults. We provide flexibility in timing, so through our online platform, you can easily learn the Quran in a busy routine.

Our teachers are very well versed in the delivery of Quranic Arabic and Tajweed, as they have been doing this for years, focusing not only on the meaning of the verses but also on mastering the correct pronunciation and recitation. Our classes cater to beginners as well as to those who want to polish their existing knowledge.

More so, we ensure that each and every student is given personal attention and proper guidance in the course.
We aim to help adults establish further connection with the Quran, polish their recitation skills, and improve their understanding of Islamic teachings through our comprehensive Quran Classes for Adults.

quran arabic lessons
Quran Arabic lessons | best expert tutors

What You’ll Learn In Quran Classes for Adults?

The range of topics and skills can vary from individual needs and the level of proficiency expected in our adults’ Quran classes. Here is what one can learn:

  • Tajweed: Learning the pronunciation and recitation of the verses of the Quran according to the rules of Tajweed.
    These rules involve correct articulation of the letters of the Arabic alphabet, the rules of prolongation, and appropriate pronunciation techniques in making beautiful recitations.
  • Quranic Arabic: Our courses will teach you the words, grammar, and syntax used in the Qur’an. You will thus be in a very good position to understand what the verses mean by themselves from the Arabic text because you will learn common Qur’anic words and phrases.
  • Meaning and Tafsir: The meaning of the Qur’anic verses will be delved into along with their interpretation with the help of Tafsir, which is very important.
    This will include understanding the historical contexts, linguistic nuances, and thematic messages that have been communicated in different chapters and verses of the Quran.
  • Memorization: The memorizing of the Quran is a course in which the necessary technique used is taught. In this regard, you will learn how to go about memorization strategies, practice reciting memorized portions, and be supported by instructors to advance in your journey to memorizing.
  • Islamic Studies: Our courses could also involve some discussions on Islamic principles, ethics, and teachings besides being limited to Quranic studies, which further enhances your knowledge about Islam as a way of life, both spiritually and socially.
  • Personal Guidance: Our highly qualified instructors will provide you with personal advice and guidance so you can move on effectively with your Quranic studies.
    They further help pace the learning to the learners’ ability and find answers to the questions and additional resources to enhance the learning process.

Basically, our Quran Classes for Adults are organized in such a way that the learners feel empowered toward a deep understanding of the Quran, to make their recitation refined, and make a stronger bond with the teachings of Islam in such a way that results in spiritual uplifting and intellectual refinement.

Quran Classes for Adults with Male and Female Teachers

This is the case because our Quran Classes for Adults are run by both male and female tutors. Here are some ways we ensure a supportive learning environment:

  • Male and Female Qualified Tutors: We have in our team both male and female tutors, all qualified in Quranic studies, Tajweed, and Arabic. All tutors have good experience in teaching and Islamic knowledge; they undergo strict training on how to teach.
  • Choice of Tutor: If students feel more at ease studying under the guidance of a male or female tutor during the enrolment phase, we always appreciate cultural and religious considerations and allow the student to get a tutor of their choice.
  • Flexible Learning: Our classes are quite flexible with respect to scheduling, so a student can choose the timing convenient for his or her classes with either a male or female tutor. With this, therefore, a student is able to take classes comfortably without worry.
    We exercise principles of privacy and modesty in our classes. Female students can opt for sessions that can be delivered by female tutors if they would like to experience more comfort in their learning environments.
    Male students can also opt for male tutors in any of their sessions.
  • Equal Quality of Teaching: A female teacher is going to be as effective and result-oriented as a male teacher.
    You are guaranteed that both of them will provide you with the best instruction, personal guidance, and support that you need in your studies of the Quran.
    We work hard to ensure that each student achieves their pre-determined learning goals, resulting in a positive educational experience.

We aim to provide a classically professional, respectful, and convenient learning environment by offering Quran classes to adults, with female and male tutors, for them to learn confidently about spiritual development and learning the Quran.

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Once the registration is over, you will get logins to our learning online platform where you can obtain all the resources, materials, and instruments you need for your Quran study.

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