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We at Learn Quran Online Academy believe in quality education being a learner-centered approach.
We understand every learner is different, and we strategize to fit in each variation.

Learn quran online academy

The Learn Quran Online Academy is proud to hold an all-inclusive platform that should be looked upon for close relationships with the Quran.
The center is an institute that offers a highly accessible place not only for Islamic learners but also for the rest of the learners to learn Quranic teachings right from scratch up to the end purely and honestly.

We at Learn Quran Online Academy believe in quality education being a learner-centered approach.
We understand every learner is different, and we strategize to fit in each variation.

Expect specialist care and the sincerest effort from our certified, specialist teachers, be you a complete
beginner or already have an existing base in this learning domain to be able to set off on this Qur’anic path with patience.
Our live interactive online classes enable the students either to get direct one-on-one interaction or involved in group discussions.
This therefore raises an enabling classroom environment whereby the students’ numerous questions get answers as well as ideas shared.

Our curriculum includes Tajweed (pertaining to Quranic recitation) and Tafsir (pertaining to Quranic exegeses) among many other Islamic studies to complete the holistic teaching of the Quran in its very essence.
With very flexible scheduling, the learner is therefore placed at the heart of control and study easily placed in the middle of their busy life.

We shall always be at your beck and call to ensure learning the Quran has been made easier.
This ‘Learn Quran Online’ Academy is committed to building your worldly clients with a strong association with spirituality, an avenue to expand their knowledge and to build life companionship with the Quran.

Advantages of learn Quran online academy

We do have a lot of students in our institution called Learn Quran Online Academy.
So, thereby, we can say these are some of the benefits associated with making their learning of the Quran comfortable, fun, and graceful.

  • Accessibility: At Easy Quran, we work to break barriers that hinder equal access to education.
    Our web-based incubation ensures that no matter the corner of the world one dwells in, it becomes easy for one to access information on the Quran and education without having to show up in person.
    The academy is but a click away, whether living in a city full of hustle and bustle or in the rural outskirts.
  • Convenience: We are very flexible with our students’ life horizons since we ensure that every student matches the courses that we offer in reading the Quran.
    Our flexible classes would suit nearly all, including a busy professional, a stay-at-home mom, or a student, for that matter.
  • Individualized learning: Empowered through giving recognition to the varied academic and learning needs of each student, our experienced tutors make adjustments in their teaching for each student to enable this need to meet their own learning.
  • The Online Platform Supports Interaction: Due to many other platforms not supporting this one thing, our platform supports an interaction between the student and the tutor.
    It will in turn make understanding the Quran effective and consequently will foster support from other students whereby they would be confident enough in asking questions and seeking clarification.
  • Experienced instructors: The instructors who are trained there can have sufficient knowledge about how to teach and are aware of teaching the Quran, Tajweed, and other sciences of religion.
    He is a professional, with experience for years, taking charge of developing the intellectual growth of one’s students.
  • Tools to Support Interactive Learning: These are the tools and resources that support interactive learning for many users in an online environment.
    From multimedia presentations to virtual whiteboards, our modern classroom technology brings a high degree of interactivity and involvement to each student during course presentations.
  • Monitoring of Progress: We do believe that records of progress should be kept.
    Lessons are monitored through structured tests, while feedback forums help monitor where one is at and what they have to work on.
  • Community Engagement: The academy is fully online, though we do, however, have a share in a deep interest in creating a sense of community with our students.
    We make efforts through group forums, and meetings, by creating possible forums considering every possible thing for students to come together and share in a Quranic learning journey.

In that regard, our Learn Quran Online academy proposes to provide an open, flexible, and enriching learning environment in which learners have the avenue to deepen their knowledge of the Quran and powerfully scavenge their spirituality toward the divine.

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What will you learn at Learn Quran Online Academy?

Our advantages at the Learn Quran Online Academy include a curriculum that touches many fields for a student to grab many perspectives of the Quran and its teachings.
Below is an outline of what to grasp from us:

  • Tajweed (Quranic Recitation): This will ensure that students are taught how to properly pronounce, articulate, and give Quranic verses the intonation in line with the Tajweed rules.
    Upon completion, they need to have learned how to read the Qur’an in a clear, beautiful, and reverential manner that will dignify this Holy Book.
  • Hifz (Memorization): On interest in making a Hifz, we have a preset guideline to help in providing structured support in the journey of Hifz; moreover, the teaching faculty imparting practical guidance in the best possible environment, armed with mnemonic and multiple intelligence techniques in the teaching of memorizing verses.
  • Tafsir (Qur’anic Exegesis): The very basic message of Islam cannot be grasped without receiving real understanding and meaning.
    Our classes on Tafsir explain the linguistic, historical, and contextual parts of the Qur’an so that one can avail an understanding of the deeper levels of wisdom captured within the verses.
  • Advanced Islamic Studies I (Islamic Law (Fiqh, Hadith, Islamic History, and Advanced Topics which would enable further attention toward an in-depth understanding of Islamic Studies as a religion, ideology, and everyday workable life).
  • Arabic Language: Given that the Quran is written in Arabic, to create consciousness and impetus for delving much deeper into reading the Quranic text, we offer the Arabic Language Course.
    They take students through structured lessons of Arabic grammar vocabulary, and comprehension skills that better place them in reading the Quran.
  • Spiritual Development: Full capacity building of spirituality with the evidence of a good relationship with God shows fullness in this respect.
    This will keep the objectivity of the pupil in reflection and any others who are in search of moral, faith, and spiritual inspiration.
  • Building of Character: Systematically, the education that Islam offers is an excellent one that lays a good moral ground regarding the virtues of character, ethics, and behavior.
    The curriculum heavily stresses honesty, kindness, humility, and many others from the list of Islamic values that the learner is implanted with so that he may be able to put the values into fruition throughout his life.
  • Community Engagement: At Learn Quran Online Academy, we instill a sense of belonging in students whereby they get to network, be it in need of help or even learning from the same occurrence backgrounds.

In detail, this is such a package that it encircles knowledge, the learning of the Holy Quran and Islam, language skills, overall development through spiritual elevation, and community relations. We guide students to the Holy Quran for faith development and adherence to Islamic rules and principles in daily life.

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